Dash – Life Between the Numbers

Dash – Life Between the Numbers

This is the story of a boy (named Dash), an avid runner and desperately wants to be famous, somehow, for his speed. As we come along side of Dash, we see beyond his exterior, into a fractured heart. Devastated by his mother’s choice to leave his family years earlier in order to pursue her own dreams, he was then crushed by his grandfather’s untimely passing.

As the story progresses, Dash faces his own health scare. With a challenging diagnosis, he begins to question his values, priorities, and dreams, forcing him to wrestle with the meaning of his “Life Between the Numbers”.

If you enjoy memorable characters who will take your heart on the race of a lifetime, then come along for Dash’s journey!


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“There are very few moments in life when you shoo your children away while you read. The time that I spent devouring this book was one of those moments.
Dash is a highly motivated and fantastic runner who must come to terms with his diagnosis. We as a reader, follow Dash, his family, and his friends along this difficult road. It is the rare book that allows the reader to feel every emotion from giggling out loud to uncontrollable tears. Dash-Life Between the Numbers really sent me down a serious path of self reflection and I am a better person for it.
A truly wonderful book that is hopefully one of many from this author. So grateful that I spent time this summer with Dash.”
-Michelle T., Goodreads 5 stars

“Dash – Life Between the Numbers is a gem. It’s the story of a thirteen year old boy, Dexter (Dash), who dreams of winning races and making a name for himself when he suddenly finds himself facing a different kind of challenge – one that forces him to evaluate his choices, relationships and dreams. Dash takes you along on his journey of determination, bravery, forgiveness and love and invites you to keep his lessons in your heart long after you’ve finished turning the pages of his story.
Ingeniously crafted and told through the voice of a relatable teen, this is a story for everyone; a story for early adolescents, tweens, teens, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, friends, coaches, teammates and anyone who has ever set goals and had to reevaluate them. The characters are exceptionally developed and make you examine your own dreams and reflect on what it means to leave a mark on this world.
With this book and the lessons within it, the author certainly has left his mark. This book is well worth the read – and even more valuable as a springboard for conversation with the ones you love. Buy a few copies and share them – this book is the kind of literary magic you want to be a part of. I can’t wait to see what the author does next!”
– Lori S., Amazon 5 stars

“Although it’s written for middle schoolers, this story is meant to be read by all of us. I don’t know a single person who has not been somehow affected by cancer and these wonderful characters reveal the many faces of cancer. The patients, the caregivers, the family and friends; all are a part of dealing with the disease and all are given a face and a voice in this book. The tough, driven character of Dash is developed smoothly in an easy to follow writing style. You almost feel like your sitting in the room with him and talking him through the maddening, then heartwarming side of cancer. When something so sad reveals such goodness in people, a good cry can leave you feeling content. Definitely worth the read!”
– Anne M., Goodreads 5 stars

“I was unable to put this book down. It carries a positive message to children and adults of all ages. Kleenex required.”
– Simone K.; Amazon, 5 stars

“This was an amazing book that I could not put down once I started reading. The character development in this book is incredible, I felt like I was in the story. The relationship between “Dash” and every other character in the book ie. his mom, dad, sister, best friend, grandfather, friends (both old and new) and arch nemesis were explained so well by the author, I was left so fulfilled as a reader. While I smiled, laughed and cried while reading this book, I was mostly left with a sense of peace and a feeling that “life is good, and people are good,” I would recommend this book for both kids and adults alike. Amazing read by an incredibly gifted author.”
-Stephanie K.; Amazon; 5 stars

“Dash is a 13 year old who wants what most boys his age want- a girlfriend, popularity, recognition. But when he becomes sick, he begins to reevaluate everything he once longed for and unveils what truly matters in life. Although it is a non-fiction story geared for a young adult audience, it is definitely a must read for ALL ages. There are not many books that I feel the need to put in my own library, but as I was reading Dash I knew I had to have it.”
-Rachel A.; Amazon; 5 stars

“I really enjoyed the character development throughout the book. For me, a book has the be engaging from the first page, and the author managed to do that and keep me engaged throughout the book. You will need a box of kleenex for this one, but such a good read. I have a feeling the characters of Dash, Joey, Paige, and Kara will stay with me for a while. This book leaves you believing the world is a better place because of characters like this!”
-Mary W.; Amazon; 5 stars

“No I am not a middle schooler but I still enjoyed the book immensely. Dash comes to realize that his personal goals are not as important as the difference he can make in others lives through his actions.The beautiful way a girl with cancer shows him through compassion and selflessness is something we all need to learn.Recommend this book for all ages. I couldn’t put it down!”
– Linda S.; Amazon; 5 stars

“Wow…This is a story of a typical teenage boy, concerned about his image at school, trying to make a name for himself by becoming a sports superstar. Wrapped up in his own world, Dash finds himself in the race of his life battling cancer. In this story of love, heartache, friendship and family, Dash discovers the true meaning of life…and figures out how he wants to live out the remainder of his “dash-” his life between the numbers. This book is sure to pull at your heartstrings and remind you of what really matters…A must read for all ages!”
– Holly C.; Amazon; 5 stars

“A friend recommended this heartwarming book and I would like to recommend it to you. It was very well written…and as a result, I devoured it in one sitting.
I like how the author used the word ‘dash’ and it’s multiple definitions to begin every new chapter.
What a clever device! I never realized there were so many of them!
This book demonstrates all the viewpoints of anyone struck by cancer… caregivers, loved ones, families and friends, not just the patient.
I bought this for a mother of a child with cancer and she told me it was very helpful and planned to tell everyone in her support group about it. My book club is reading it for our next meeting.
Buy it, you will not be sorry, and maybe you can help someone affected by cancer by passing it along.”
– Rosemary S., Amazon 5 stars

“Because my daughter passed at a young age, I personally related to this well written book. Although Dash is fictional, the author captured some of the same pain and anguish our family endured.
It does not take long to get to the heart of this novel. It is an easy read and definitely worth your time. Furthermore, I suggest buying a few copies to help people who find themselves and their loved ones fighting this cunning disease.”
– Lora K.; Amazon 5 stars

“I really enjoyed the character development throughout the book. For me, a book has the be engaging from the first page, and the author managed to do that and keep me engaged throughout the book. You will need a box of kleenex for this one, but such a good read. I have a feeling the characters of Dash, Joey, Paige, and Kara will stay with me for a while. This book leaves you believing the world is a better place because of characters like this!”
– Mary K., Goodreads 4 stars

“This is a moving story about forgiveness told through the voice of a lovable young teenage boy. Dexter, aka Dash, is driven by his determination to be a world record holding runner before tragedy strikes his life. This is a genuine and relatable quick read. Yes, it is a story for preteens and young adults, but I fully enjoyed it and highly recommend reading it. Additionally, as a teacher, I know this is a fantastic book that students will actually enjoy while learning applicable necessary life lessons.”
– Anna, Goodreads 5 stars

“This book was so wonderfully written and story was so beautifully told that it captured me immediately. I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one sitting! It tells a story about lives intertwined and how everyday people experience love, life, healing, caring, anger, acceptance, forgiveness and legacy amidst a terrible illness. You will be enriched from this read!”
– Kitty H., Amazon 5 stars

“This book was written by a colleague of mine and I thought it might be strange to read it as I know the author and his family. From the beginning, I was drawn in by the characters. By the end, I felt as they could have been my own family members. This was a heartbreaking, yet smooth and enjoyable read from start to finish. My advice: don’t read it in a public place as I was bawling through the last couple of chapters. A great read!”
– J.C., Amazon 5 stars

“I read this book with my twin daughters who are in fifth grade. We all LOVED it! This endearing story is so well written and will inspire readers of all ages. I am so glad we read it when we did. We will be giving it as a gift to many on our Christmas list this year.”
– Hockeymom3, Amazon 5 stars

“This is an awesome book. I never understood what a healthy cry was all about until I read this book. It’s such an easy read that immediately draws you into the world of the characters. Greg hit it out of the park. Awesome job and Thank You for bringing this to the world!”
– Ted P., Amazon 5 stars

“Dash – Life Between the Numbers will hold your attention as a reader. From the clever use of a subtitle and all the different meanings of the word “dash” throughout the book to the story itself of a 13-year-old runner nicknamed Dash whose life is dramatically altered by illness. As the author so profoundly writes, “Cancer. Is there a more dreaded word in anyone’s vocabulary?” The book, however, does not dwell in melancholy. Courage, love and forgiveness – even hope – are central to the story. The journey of Dash, his family and friends was wonderful to read.”
– Julie K., Amazon 5 stars


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