Bricks in the Wall.

While the previous president failed to build that wall, he and his followers have built many walls in our communities and cities all over the country. Walls that divide us. Walls that separate us, by loyalty to parties or principles. And we are the ones who are paying for it. Brick after brick, continuously piled on by misinformation, hatred, fear-mongering, economic disparity, racism, xenophobia and misogyny. The thing is, you cannot reason with bricks. You cannot talk to walls. They aren’t there to bridge divides, but to further them. Bricks are more focused on hardened uniformity rather than personal unity. When your discussing issues that can divide a community, it is quickly apparent if your talking to just another brick in the wall, or a person genuinely interested in building bridges. And if you want to bridge the communal gap, toss the bricks aside. They aren’t useful to community building.