Is Justice Blind? Injustice is not.

Major headlines of the past few days call into question whether the scales of justice are really balanced. Citizens without elitist means or connections are left wondering if justice only serves the rich and powerful. Or if justice only serves those of a specific political party or race. We see overwhelming corruption and injustice, and we’re left wondering if justice is truly blind. In this hyper polarized era, we are pushed and pulled further towards the ends of the continuum.

Corruption and injustice are not blind. Partisan politics are.

When a person continually blames one side of the political spectrum, and sugarcoats or overlooks the failings of the other side, they have become not only blind, but part of the problem.

Political parties are not more or less to blame. They are not more or less corrupt. They are equally corrupt, and both skirt the scales of justice in countless ways.

The capacity for blindness knows no race, age, gender, or political spectrum, but it does slowly and surely steal our ability to both see and hear other with respect, understanding and empathy. It divides us, and squelches our own voices. When someone is so unabashedly partisan, or xenophobic, or sexist, or racist, they have lost the ability to speak with any authority beyond their own group of like-minded brethren. People from other groups will have great difficulty accepting or appreciating the talents, faith stories, or life wisdom that they have to offer, as these all may appear to be deeply tainted by the foundational blindness.

Rather than believing any one segment of society is truly to blame for all of our woes, perhaps we should call out injustice wherever it is found. Their party or ours. Their church or ours. Their race or ours.

Injustice isn’t blind, but it is widely spread throughout our society, when we are blind to it.


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