Ballot Box Longings

I abhor partisan politics

I won’t vote blue

I won’t vote red

I’ll choose a mix of candidates,

For a diverse nation.

I prefer principles

Over parties.

I long for leaders

With integrity

And character

Who haven’t sold their soul

To corporations

Or lobbyists

But who heartily represent

Their constituents

And their consciences.

I long for citizens

Who love liberty

For all

Who welcome the oppressed

Who protect the rights

And dignity

Of all races


And ethnicities.

I long for women and men

Who think critically

Who discuss respectfully

And who rise above

Mindless, partisan division.

People that recognize

Poisonous platforms

And renounce toxic behaviors

Regardless of which party

Or which race

Or which demographic

They originate from.

I long for countrymen

That pledge allegiance

To a flag

And live by its creed

Instead or wrapping themselves

In the stars and stripes

While denying its freedoms

Or using Ole Glory

As a backdrop

Of false patriotism

While spewing hateful rhetoric

Or denying people the right

To kneel before a flag

That has failed them.

I long for a people

Who if they worship

And pray

Do so for all citizens

Without furling the flag

Around their church

Mosque, or synagogue

And any particular party

Constricting the voice

Or soul of their faith

From reaching others