I Chose Bald, Because They Didn’t

Pulling into school

Day One of being bald

I reached for my cap

To cover up.

It’s cold up there




I reconsider

I chose this path


“Brave the Shave”

To raise awareness

And support

And to stand alongside

The courageous kids

Who also walk baldly

But not by choice

Their hair lost


To cancer.


I chose bald

Because young Analise

With her flowing blonde locks

Never looked more radiant

Than when she was bald.


I chose bald

Because Noah is fierce

And relentlessly hopeful

As he fights for his brother Jonah.


I chose bald

Because young Rosie chose bald

For the fifth time

Even though she had brain surgery





I chose bald

Because Kaya is brave

Because Alexi is audacious

and Erin is elegant.

Because Elijah and Aurav

Will do anything for others.


Our school is filled with heroes

And family

Raising funds

Shaving heads

And lifting hearts.


Reminded of this,

I forego the hat

And stand upright

Entering our building proud

Amid smiles

And dropped jaws

And high fives

From other bald staff

And students

Who braved the shave

All of them



I’m proud to be bald

Proud to stand with these kids

Proud to declare

In some small way

I’ve got your back

We’re in this thing


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