Lesson Learned.

Outside of the maternity ward and most elementary schools, you’re hard pressed to avoid encountering someone who has a meaningful message or memory inscribed in the form of a tattoo. While still ink-free, I am fascinated by the droves of people in my everyday circles who emblazon inspiration upon their bodies. And since I genuinely love people, I find myself drawn to their stories. I’m curious about their ink inscriptions, and the backstory behind each tattoo. From time to time, I hope to honor those people, and their unique stories, right here.

Lesson Learned

-Stories in Ink: 6.25.17

This afternoon we ventured through the vast array of food trucks at the festival downtown. The scents wafting about on this glorious summer day were mostly heavenly. Thai food, pizza, pineapples cut in half lengthwise and filled with all types of delectable goodies. Sizzling burgers, fries seasoned spices to delight the olfactory senses, jambalaya, and one of my favorites when I’m getting on my food-feasting-juju, Korean Beef.
The folks who run the “Lunchbox” food truck are masters. I’ve never been disappointed by their food, or their service. They blast good tunes while you have a short wait while behind the scenes they create pure magic to stimulate your taste sensations. 
As I was purchasing the Korean Beef on rice, with a perfectly fried egg resting on top, the smiling chef reached out with my receipt, and I noticed a “Lesson Learned” tattoo. I wondered what had caused him to have this specific phrase adorned along the length of his left arm.
“It was the birth of my daughter. She was the reason for me to take the lessons I learned along the way, and change as a result”. Given the long line behind me, there wasn’t time to delve deeper into his story, but his bright spirit told me all I needed to know. He has been taught some hard lessons by life, and has come out the better, and his daughter is blessed because he was a willing student.
Stories like his make a delicious meal even more memorable.


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  1. I love how you validate the stories of others. Use what is important to them to learn what is important about them. Thank you for sharing, Greg.


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