Beet Juice Smoothie

I had some work to do in my garage this morning

Some tinkering with the vehicle

Making sure it is ready 

for the next adventure

And it got me to thinking…

I remember when I first got the keys

Those precious keys 

opening a whole new world

I’m so grateful for this vehicle

For the journey it has taken me on

Always going places

wonderful destinations

Where I just get to be me

Beautiful trails

Inspiring gardens

Resting by the lake

Heart soaring

And peaceful


My beet-juice-smoothie-red car

In its’ own way

Has nourished me

Been a home of sorts

Like the beet juice smoothies 

That greet me each morning

A quirky drink perhaps

But my drink


My little taste of home each day

That car keeps me going places

Even though I’m not really going anywhere at the moment

Just tinkering in the garage

Making sure the vehicle is smiling

Knowing how cherished it is

Grateful for every moment 

Spent together

I know every inch of the car

And it has grown to know me

We’re two distinct beings

But when we ride

We are one

The car enveloping me

Much like I do that morning smoothie

Grateful for the earthy sweetness

That my juju beets have brought

They’ve nourished me daily

Fed my heart 

And soul

With richness

And stories

And energy

That carries me

Mile after mile

Just like the car

So as the car door closes

And the keys hang together

Yet alone

I reminisce

Polishing silently

Grateful for all the miles

A treasure trove of memories

Wishing I had savored them 

even more preciously

And looking forward

To the new journey

That unfolds ahead.