Brave the Shave

Twelve chairs aligned the stage

Bouquets of balloons swaying

Stage right

And stage left

Music blaring
Behind each of those chairs

A hair stylist

Armed with a razor

Tonight they weren’t styling

They were removing


Taking it all off
Ready to proceed

Upon the stage

A line stretching 

Two hundred deep
Men with Samson’s locks

And determined gazes

Women with gorgeous curls

And radiant joy

Boys and girls

With hair of many hues

Laughing, giggling

Waiting their turn
Two hundred deep

Generous and courageous

Donating precious time

And personal style

Each one moved to

Brave the Shave
I stood in awe

As patches dropped

And scalps were revealed

Volunteers taking selfies

Documenting the transition

Rocking the bald
All this bravery

Inspired by children

The true heroes 

In this tale

Who bravely faced cancer

With dignity

And determination

Losing their hair

And so much more

Many survivors

And several took wings

All of them brave

Inspiring this army

Two hundred deep

To respond in kind.

I’m joining colleagues and friends, blogging every day in the month of March for the “Slice of Life” challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.


5 thoughts on “Brave the Shave

  1. 2 years ago, our Super Hero gained his wings. Once upon a time, He was one of my first graders. I love hearing stories about the Kind. It really does encourage families and loved ones. Thanks.

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  2. You have captured the essence of St. Baldrick’s beautifully. I especially liked the lines “Two hundred deep/Generous and courageous/Donating precious time/And personal style.” My school is hosting a St. Baldrick’s event soon. I would love to share this with them, if you wouldn’t mind.

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