I pledge allegiance

To the flag

Of the United States of America.

And to the President.

My President.

Your President.

Though many of us didn’t vote for him.
Like it or not, he is my President.

He is not the President I wanted,

though neither choice was inspiring.
In a perfect world,

Or even one with a reasoning electorate,

A person who consistently bullies others…

Not my President.
A person who objectifies women,

Not my President.
A person who marginalizes

Entire cultures and ethnicities,

Not my President.
A person who spouts from the cuff

Without facts, understanding, or balance

Not my President.
A used-car salesman,

Who dispenses promises

like Halloween candy

Providing a sugar rush

Without substance

Or nutrition.

Not my President.
A reality TV star

Consumed with fame

Instead of concerned with pain

Not my President.
Blustering bravado,


Groping on the side,

Not my President.
This is not the model that we share with our children.

The highest office in our land,

Occupied by the lowest of morals.
But the reality is

This is my President

And yours.

We honor the office

If not the occupant.

We honor the legacy

Of those who have served

If not the season

Of one who is self-serving.
So I pledge allegiance

To the flag

If not the President

Of the United States of America

And to the Republic
Our republic

Made of Republicans

And Democrats

And Green, or Libertarians

Or the disenfranchised
Our republic

Meant to stand

As one nation

Singularly acknowledging

Collectively embracing

All of its’ people

Even those who claim

A plural republic

Of multiple religions

Various cultures

And diverse dreams.

Even the dreams

Currently darkened

By a nightmare election

Awakening to

#NotMy President
One Nation

Under God

worshiping differently

Or not at all

Ideally Indivisible,

Striving to live united

Without coercion to be uniform.
Each of us desiring

A “My President”.

A leader who inspires

Unity and collaboration

Instead of fear and isolation

A leader to be proud of

And emulate

And claim as our own.

My President.
That is our mandate

Not Republican

Or Democrat

Not to repeal

Or replace

Merely laws and programs

But to refresh

And rejuvenate

The offices

In our Government

With people who listen

Who get us

All of us

Not one party

Or one race

But one nation.

Craving Liberty

And thirsting for justice

For all.



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