What good amid these, O me, O life? Answer. That you are here—that life exists, and identity; That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.
                                                                                                                                  ~ Walt Whitman

Writing is a very personal endeavor. It is reflective, creative, and intensive. Though the product or writing may be selfless, the process of writing is self-absorbed.

Close the door. Leave me alone. Let me be. I’m writing.

Upon further examination though, I realize that I’m not truly alone. My thoughts are often continuations of ideas posited by friends. My ruminations are often ignited by queries asked by other thinkers. My written musings have their origins in speeches and sermons, discussions and deliberations, orations and observations.

I’m really more of a co-author, than an author.

My writings are often more a part of a greater dialogue, than they are a monologue, because the thoughts continue on, for comment, rebuttal, or further contemplation. If a dear friend sparks an idea, I carry it further in writing. If a family member comments on a heart issue, I dig through the matter to understand them better. If a colleague inspires a new direction, I delve into that, and put my thoughts into words and actions.

I write, often on the wings of others.

If no man is an island, then perhaps no piece of writing is a solo performance. I’m just grateful to contribute a verse.




8 thoughts on “Co-Authors

  1. I hear you
    your footsteps
    your fingertips
    upon my poem
    I sense you
    your tongue trips
    your back flips
    upon my poem
    I need you
    your quiet tips
    your angled hips
    upon my poem

    –Kevin, thinking about your idea of those who write with us, just outside our field of vision

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  2. One thing I have learned through this challenge is exactly what you shared in your post. I love the phrase writing on the wings of others because essentially that’s what I am doing.

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  3. First, I love “O Me, O Life.” I’ve been thinking about Whitnan and sounding my barbaric yawp during this blogging challenge. I have taken many of my posts this month from fragments of conversations. We simply can’t be isolationists in the world of writing even though we need moments of isolation.

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  4. I think what I best like reading is when the writer is able to honestly say something I have known under my skin for a very long time, but have not given thought nor voice to. Your post does exactly that. Thank you for being the voice who uncovers such beautifully simple truths.

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  5. Wonderful epigraph and examination of what it means. I have found so much writing inspiration from this Slice of Life community, although writing feeds my need for solitude.

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