Who Reads Your Blog?


While sitting with friends at my Tuesday night men’s group, I was jotting down some thoughts for a blog post. After explaining to a friend what I was doing, he asked

“Who reads your blog?”

There are so many subtle implications to that question.

Who reads it, as in, who wastes their time reading your blog?
Who of importance reads it. If they aren’t known, then your writing isn’t important.
Who, as in “how many people” read it? As if there is some magic line drawn by an unspecified number of readers, that divides between a blog that is of no real value, and one that is worth the time to give attention to it.

Truthfully, I don’t know who reads it. Or how many.

On a good day, it might be 50 people. On another day, it may be less than 10. Neither of those numbers is really impressive, but is that the point? Is the value of someone’s writing only defined by the sheer number of people who read it? Thousands of people read the billboards that align the highway near my home. These advertisements would hardly be described as quality writing.

But to be honest, I don’t write for readers. And I struggle with the concept of self-promotion. I write for me. To explore my ideas and beliefs. To find out what I think about life and the world around me. I write to find my voice, and to share it with the world. But I don’t worry who reads it. Or who likes it. Or who responds. That is icing on the proverbial cake.

This is what I teach my students. To write for themselves. To search their ideas and beliefs. To create. Because the real reward of writing is in the process itself. If my writing encourages, enlightens, provokes, or inspires someone else, that is all a bonus.

But my friend doesn’t know that. He doesn’t read my blog. And that’s okay with me.



8 thoughts on “Who Reads Your Blog?

  1. I love this, Greg. I TOTALLY think about who might be reading my blog. And I worry. And sometimes it gets me stuck. It’s such a public thing to do – pressing publish and all that. Sometimes I consider starting a second blog under a pseudonym just so I can write and publish and explore other thoughts that I may not want posted under my name. I always enjoy reading your posts. You’re a huge benefit to our community of writers.

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  2. I had to read your post just from the title. I have to admit, I am a comment-junkie; I get so excited when someone comments on my pitiful attempts to convey a thought or two. But you’re right, I don’t stop writing just because the numbers are low or no one comments; I write because sometimes, that’s the best way I can remember, get a point across, rant at the world, make some sense of life’s nonsense. Thanks for writing such a resonating post!

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  3. Loved your post. This is exactly how I feel about my blog. It does feel great when, on a good day, lots have people have read your blog. However, I write for me ultimately. I hope to help or encourage others. Yet my blog is what helps me process my thoughts and ideas on education.

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  4. It is difficult not to think about who reads and responds to your writing. Are here to become a better writer, and are looking for constructive comments? This hit home for me: <>
    A mentor and doctor of mine encouraged me to write for a very long time. The happenings of the past year in my life made writing almost a necessity, as I tried to make sense of it all, and to purge what was inside. I know not everyone will understand what I am doing, what I am trying to say, but I am reaching a point, as you said, where this doesn’t matter, because I am now writing for me.
    Thanks for a great post this morning, and for putting to words what I have been trying to say to myself. Have a terrific Sunday!

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  5. I often wonder if anyone reads my blog. It doesn’t really matter, but I must say, it’s nice to get a comment or two – so I’ve really been enjoying participating in the Slice Challenge. I’ve found some wonderful new blogs to read, too, including yours! I’ve added these new ones to Bloglovin’ so I don’t lose them once then challenge is over and everyone isn’t putting their link in one spot. I am no writer, but I keep reading that it’s important for teachers of writing to write, so I figure this is a good place to start and explore – a blog.

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  6. I LOVE this post!
    I love the freedom of writing for you and not worrying about the thoughts and opinions of others.I also adore these true words~”…To find out what I think about life and the world around me. I write to find my voice, and to share it with the world….” so often my words surprise me.

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  7. I’ve asked myself the same question and wondered about who I am writing for. I let myself get disheartened on the days when hardly anyone does.This was helpful : I write for me.

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