Triple D


It was time for a Daddy-Daughter Date night. Actually it was long overdue. On the docket – a showing of the movie “Race”, about Olympian Jesse Owens and his brilliant display of class and athleticism during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. A stark contrast between the hateful ignorance of the Nazi nation, and the bigotry existing in our own.

Pretty heavy material for a father-daughter date night, but my daughter is 17 and her waters run deep. We area mixed race family, and the topic of race comes up frequently in conversations as well as in daily life.

But our date wasn’t about a lesson in race matters. It was an opportunity to connect. To remind her that she matters to me. That the race we are running, will be run together.

Sometimes I get lost in the race of life. Work can be never ending. I also enjoy a few other hobbies, like writing, reading, and running. Sometimes life throws me a reminder to make special time to speak the love languages of those around me. For Kelsey, one of her languages is time together. Whether it is sharing a meal, taking in a show, or participating side by side in a fun run, she enjoys the time together. And I enjoy being with her, hopefully reminding her through our shared moments, that she will always be my treasure.




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