Waiting for the Other Shoe



If life is a classroom

There is a constant menu of lessons

Some given through direct interaction
Some given through purposeful reflection
Some lessons offer epiphanies
Shifting paradigms and perspectives
While other lessons are remedial
Offering another glance or opportunity
To harness one of life’s truths.

We learn through blessings
We learn along birthdays
We learn through triumphs
But also through tragedies
We learn through perseverance
And we learn through perception.

As life’s students
Hopefully, we are always learning

But the greatest of students
Are not those with all the answers
But rather the ones who continually ask the questions
They understand that our learning
Is never complete
That lessons have layers
To unearth deeper truths
Where the golden nuggets reside

We begin to see that previous lessons
Are not fixed at all
But fluid and flexible
Beckoning our mind and heart
To become the same
Teaching us that resilience
Is both solid and supple.

We once believed that tragedies
Losses and abandonments
We’re precursors of repetition
Giving way to more of the same
Broken hearts shielding
From breaking again
Waiting for the other shoe to drop

The inevitable two-step.
Something good
Followed by something bad.
Or something bad
followed by something worse

But perhaps the lesson was incomplete
Perhaps broken hearts
Become softer hearts
And love once lost
Doesn’t beget more love lost
But prepares us
For a shoe that will never drop
Since the feet
Have been barren all along

Perhaps the lesson reveals
That love can truly be
Always &


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