Death & Taxes

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped about the inevitability of death and taxes. Two certainties we cannot escape.

As I sit here in the tax account’s office, (a slightly preferable option to the latter of the two inevitabilities) I notice that the process of determining one’s taxes is a far less certain process. Find three different accountants, you may wind up with three different results. Use a program and do it yourself, and you may get another result altogether.

Nonetheless, Uncle Sam will get his.

And eventually, we will get ours.

It is inevitable.

But I wonder if there are not more certainties to our dash between the numbers than paying Uncle Sam and eventually having our life summed up in a eulogy.

Isn’t it certain that we will experience some mixture of pleasure and pain? Isn’t it certain that someone’s eyes will absorb our form, at least upon our arrival into this world, and have some level of marvel at our very existence?

If we live for any amount of time, isn’t it inevitable that we will encounter the Golden Arches, whether by choice, or by parents needing a place to set us down for a moment to grab a slice of peace and a handful of fries? If we have a substantial amount of days on this earth, isn’t it inevitable that we use Google, or be tracked by Big Brother at some point in time?

I think we need a few more inevitabilities, besides death and taxes. Besides McDonalds, Google, and the ever-seeing eyes of our government.

I wish it were inevitable that we all found love. Overwhelming, astronomical, unconditional, acceptance-of-flaws-and-all love.

I wish it were inevitable that we all experience awe. Heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, wonder-at-the-enormity-of-the-universe-and-complexity-of-creation, awe.

I wish it were inevitable that we all find a kindred spirit. That we discover someone to walk through life with that just gets us, as if they were made from the same soul fabric that we came from.

Life is a beautiful, short, crazy, heart-wrenching journey that could use a few more inevitabilities that allows to savor its’ beauty before we succumb to death and taxes.


8 thoughts on “Death & Taxes

  1. What an excellent journey of thought you just took me on. It’s funny – we both wrote about Ben Franklin today, but from different angles. I guess doing and saying all he did in his lifetime, there are lots of angles on Ben.


  2. A much broader perspective than dear Benjamin Franklin. Your post made me pause and think about inevitabilities, especially the one about experiencing love.

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  3. Awesome hyphenated adjectives in this piece, and the repetition was effective too. I am in the process of completing a death tax return, so yes, we need to have more inevitables in this world!
    Thanks for a great post.

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