Many Hats


My daughter Kelsey is one of those rare people who can make any hat look good. With a mixture of beauty and moxie, she rocks the sun hats. On her head, any plain old cap or visor suddenly looks stylish and trendy. And don’t even get me started on headbands of bows. She shines in any headgear. Any lid seems to love her.

Me? I’m a baseball cap guy.

On my noggin, anything else looks as fashionable as a bicycle helmet. Think slightly undersized, and with peeling stickers.

But in this life, we all wear many hats. In this life, when we rise from our beds, we don the first of many lids we will wear throughout our day.

Parent. Get the breakfasts ready for the youngins.
Spouse. Make sure your honey is greeted and sent off loved for their day.
Pet owner. Walk your dog. Try to look halfway decent while doing so, even though you need a few more minutes of shut eye, and apparently nobody else’s hat included preparing you a cup of coffee. Or their turn to walk the dog.
Parent again. “Billy, you’re not wearing your Spider-Man jammies to school.”
Employee. Get your own lunch ready for the day, while of course packing one for each of the kiddos.
Patient parent. Keeping a smile on your face and biting your tongue when the kids can’t seem to get in the car to go to school, even though you prepared their meals, checked their backpacks, and nudged them to brush their teeth, all while they checked their devices.
Zombie driver. Off to work, but the car allows you a few minutes to decompress from the morning, and prepare for your day. Or to zone out and keep your eyes on the road while you sip down your now lukewarm coffee.

As you make the trek in to work, your mind drifts to the many hats you will wear throughout the day. Friend. Colleague. Neighbor. Stranger. Caregiver. Volunteer. Church member. Sibling. Daughter.

So. Many. Hats.

One. Precious. Head.

And sometimes we need just the me hat. The one that reminds us to make time to write, not lists or letters, but reflections and dreams. The hat that reminds us that to pour into others, we must take time to refill our souls. The hat that reminds us that sometimes the best hat, is no hat at all, but instead letting our hair down, falling freely.




6 thoughts on “Many Hats

  1. Greg! I have missed reading you – my absence, not yours! It was delightful to read this piece. I love how you start with your beautiful daughter and then juxtapose yourself to her and then consider the many metaphorical hats we wear. This is my favorite part:

    The hat that reminds us that sometimes the best hat, is no hat at all, but instead letting our hair down, falling freely.

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  2. And also, the runner hat 🙂 I will be wearing mine proudly this afternoon with temps near 60 and full sunshine! I didn’t realize you were slicing. There are so many participants!

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  3. I love this slice – something I really needed to read today. Always appreciate the many hats I wear everyday – whether anyone else notices…. Thank you – it’s beautiful.

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  4. Fantastic approach to the metaphor of wearing many hats. I wear those figurative ones but wish my pate looked better in the literal hats.

    BTW, the link to this post isn’t available on TWT. I found you via Dr. Google!

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