Protecting the Flame

Protecting the Flame
“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” ~ Arthur O’Shaughnessy
The sweet music of dreams crosses our path every once in a while, and we are fortunate when we are listening for it. We receive this present when we tune out the busyness of our schedules and release the shackles of the status quo, and allow the music of dreams to resonate within us.
This gift is a precious and rare flame that warms our souls, and when properly unleashed, can set the world ablaze. We can sing its’ daring, unique melodies aloud, or be singed by it’s haunting range that demands we reach deeper and further than we have ever experienced.
The sweet music of dreams visits us, sometimes through our children or students, unharnessed by adult rules and social customs, innocently marching to a different tune, inviting us to listen to the music of angels.
The sweet music of dreams visits us, sometimes through our friends and colleagues, who strive to create a better world, and in so doing, grasp new paths or opportunities for us to re-define what is possible.
The sweet music of dreams visits us, sometimes through our own observations, prayers and reflections, whispering its’ tune that crushes obstacles and beliefs, while painting a portrait of new horizons.
How do we protect this flame when she visits? How do we join in and sing its’ song, without being singed in its’ wake? Since the flame of dreams moves through caretakers around and among us, we are charged to carry its’ torch with high regard.
To protect the flame of epiphanies and the music of dreams, we are called to ignore the pessimistic nay-sayers, who see the many problems but fail to dream of possibilities and solutions.
We are called to look past the rule makers and rule followers, who find comfort and order in the status quo.
We are called to embrace the optimistic dream-makers, for where there is no vision, the people will perish.
We are called to unleash the zealous risk-takers, who have a glimpse of the audacious possibilities that await us all.



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