Farewell, Soldier

A flag unfurled
Lay draped over the coffin

The soldier inside

At rest

Off duty

Mission accomplished.
He guarded our country

Risking his life

For our freedom

Protecting the stars

While serving as one

In the process.
A life unfurled

Serving family and friends

Loving his children

And grandchildren

Who carry on his name

His courage

And his love.

Mission accomplished.

We each say goodbye

One final salute

To a life well lived.

The flag is lifted

A final tribute

To a faithful service.
Thirteen folds



Filled with symbolism


Honor and

The flag folded and furled

Presented on one knee

To the son

Of the resting hero.
Farewell, Soldier.

We salute you.


3 thoughts on “Farewell, Soldier

    • Yesterday I went to a funeral for the grandfather of one of my students. I had never met the man, but the service for him was very moving, especially with the ceremony of folding the flag that covered his coffin. I’m grateful for his service to our country.


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