Oreo Fast

Everyone knows that Mr. A loves Oreos. I mean really loves them. Almost addiction status. I don’t know why, but perhaps it is their creamy deliciousness. Maybe it is the rich outer chocolate cookies. Maybe I have some childhood memories wrapped up inside. I’m not sure.
But my excellent students give me Oreos for presents. I receive packages of them for Christmas. Boxes of Oreos on my Birthday. Sleeves of Double Stufs on Valentines. I am deluged with Oreos. Normally I would find my way to eventually eating all of them, but recently I started feeling like I was becoming an Oreo.
All puffy in the middle.
It occurred to me that while devouring an Oreo might be a delightful experience, actually morphing into an Oreo might be far less enjoyable.
So I declared an Oreo fast until our school year ends in June. It has only been two weeks, but I miss my Double Stufs.
As my consumption of Oreos has been decreasing, the stuff around my middle is shrinking as well. My taste buds may feel dejected, but my overall health is better.
My students wonder how long I will last. They like to tease me with pictures of Oreo dirt cakes, Oreo cream pies, and Oreo ice cream. But I am confident that I will make it until June. My primary goal is to show my students is that determination, focus, and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle is the real stuff that this teacher is made of.


4 thoughts on “Oreo Fast

  1. I love your “all puffy in the middle” comparison! Hilarious. Good luck with your Oreo fast! June will be here before you know it, and yes – you are teaching your students some great life skills there.

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  2. I think it’s great to show the kids that you can do it. It sounds like you have built such amazing relationships with your students where there is a lot of laughter. I think you’ll do this! Good luck!

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  3. Best of luck on this journey. I love the turning point when you go from waxing poetic about Oreos to fearing you are becoming one. Good stuff.

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