Hipster Dad


In my view, I’m a hipster dad. 

I listen to an eclectic group of musicians, including Toby Mac. He’s dope, right? So I purchased tickets to take my daughter and her boyfriend last fall to go hear him in concert. She LOVES concerts, but the ones I have dropped her off at….whooooo boy! Can you say Sodom & Gomorrah? 
So I thought, she likes Toby Mac, I like Toby Mac (because I’m so hip)…I’ll take her to see him.
As we prepare to leave, her boyfriend says something about going to the concert for old people. I’m like “WHAT?”
He says, yeah. Toby Mac turned 51 yesterday. Everyone there is going to be really old. Or really young.

But I knew better. Toby Mac is like 29, right? He’s hip, and since I listen to him, I must be too.

We get to the concert, and sure enough….everyone there is either north of 40, or south of 14, dragged there by parents who considered themselves to be hip. Like me.
We had a great time. Dancing. Singing. Being hip. As we’re walking to the car, my daughter says “Thanks Dad. This makes me look forward to going to a real concert.

Probably without her so-called hipster dad.


I’m participatin in the Slice of Life Writing Challenge.  Today is Day 4.


12 thoughts on “Hipster Dad

  1. Captured a great moment that you’ll laugh about when she’s older. Looking forward to reading more…and props for taking her to TobyMac, true musicians get better with age, and he’s one of them!

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  2. No idea who Toby Mac is, but I’m right there with you on getting blown up by my daughters. They’re 12 and 10, and one artist we have all enjoyed seeing together lately is the wonderful Brandi Carlile. Fun for the whole family!

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  3. Oh gosh, I LOVE Toby Mac! It’s funny how we, the 40 and 50 and up crowd think of ourselves as still with it. In our minds, we are still 18! Even though your daughter was thinking along the same lines, it’s the memory that you took time to be with her that she will carry forever.

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  4. This is so funny and so true! We “hip” (I think that’s a totally unhip word now) parents tend to get stuck in time warps. How is possible that Bruce Springsteen is 66 years old?! We’re taking Libby and her husband to see him in April. Fortunately, Libby loves him and thinks we’re really cool for taking her. Ha. Jamie, on the other hand, is not so much of a Bruce fan and probably thinks we’re very old and unhip. 😉

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  5. This is great! As well as making me afraid for my future it really made me chuckle. My 6 year old already looks at me sideways and has stated how uncool I am. Despite the fact that I am very very cool. 🙂

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  6. I am smiling! I must be hip too, TobyMac fills up my playlist. 🙂 What I’m grappling with is my 11 year old who now has swagger and is offering requests for the playlist we listen to in the car ride to school. (Check out “The River” by Jordan Feliz. I was busy listening to other hip music and hadn’t heard of this one…but it is pretty groovy stuff…)

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  7. Spending time like this with your daughter is very hip. No matter how “old” I am, I strive to be that hip mom too, or even that hop teacher, which usually brings on some eye-rolling!

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  8. This made me laugh! Though I never had visions of myself as a hipster I always *knew* I was way more in touch with “the kids of today” when my sons were young- even though I know in their eyes I was always old. Somehow I still think I am too young to have “kids” as old as they are.

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