No Place Like Home. Yet.


For me, home has always seemed to be an elusive concept. While I lived in a home, at one location or another, for all of my years, I often have had difficulty feeling home.
Feeling completely at peace.

Completely known.

This is of no fault of those that I have been blessed to call family, whether parents, siblings, spouse or children of my own.
Rather, there has always been a small portion of restlessness within that pushed me forward. Some eternal resonance that beckoned me further.
Home has been a lifetime of experiences offering comfort and belonging.
My mother’s embrace.

My brother’s company.

Friends to do life with.
A wife to share life with.

Children to cherish.
Home has been a walk through the forest.

Or reading to my students.

Or scribbling reflections in my journal.


Reminders that Home still awaits. 

Still beckons.

That I’m passing through.  


4 thoughts on “No Place Like Home. Yet.

  1. That last line says it all and makes me a little teary-eyed. When you think of this place as passing through, with our real Home awaiting us, it gives it such a different meaning. It means we don’t need to hold on to as much stuff – material and otherwise – or have such impossibly high expectations of what things are supposed to be here. I remember I over-packed on a trip to Spain. I had a HUGE suitcase, and my brother-in-law couldn’t stop laughing. I had to pull that thing over cobble-stone streets, stuff it inside a cross-country train, and lug it in and out of taxis and planes. I wanted to just leave it by the side of the road – I resented everything in that darn suitcase. No wonder we feel frustrated and stressed sometimes – we’re lugging around that albatross! If we understood the concept of passing through, we could lighten our load, couldn’t we? Get by with a backpack? We’d have energy left to visit with and give to others, see the sights, and pick up and go when we needed to. Wow – you inspired a lot of thoughts in me this morning! So glad to you linked up again, friend. Missed you! I read yesterday’s post, too. I loved Snicker of Magic. She Skyped with a Mock Newbery group of mine, and she was wonderful. What a spindiddly thing she did for your precious class. 🙂

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  2. Greg, this line sheds light on your author’s message: “Home has been a lifetime of experiences offering comfort and belonging.” You might consider sending this post to the #k12artchallenge where the topic is family.

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  3. I love this. And you know I’m thinking about the restlessness of being Heaven-Bound! If my glimpses are any indication-it’s going to be amazing!

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