Today’s post is from a character sketch writing prompt, in conjunction with the Teachers Write summer camp.

Dad traced it all back to the scissors he had given her years ago. He blamed her pre-teen habit of cutting clothes on that decorative pair of scissors he had sent her off to school with. He noticed shirt bottoms being cut higher to reveal her midriff. He noticed shirt tops being cut lower to reveal her emerging bosom.

But she didn’t feel noticed. She only heard his disappointment.

As she entered her teens, he noticed the cutting moved to her hair, as she chopped it frequently, adding colors and tints.

He noticed the cutting of corners, as she seemed apathetic in school, and at home, ever more consumed by her social media hideaway.

He noticed the cutting in her words, as she angrily withdrew from of his attempts at conversation or companionship.

She had lost those scissors years ago, but he hadn’t noticed.

No. He hadn’t noticed her, now hidden under layers of make-up and blame, or just how far the cutting had progressed.


6 thoughts on “Scissors

  1. I like this! The transformation from bright to dark, seen to unseen. I also like the hidden parallels to scissor cutting and self-abuse cutting which isn’t mentioned but could be a hidden consequence of the inattention. Well done, my friend!

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  2. I love how you used the different meanings of cuting. You have a knack for utilizing multiple meaning words. I am reading Dash and enjoy how you use the different definitions as chapter titles.

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