Wonder Why?


In today’s TeachersWrite Camp, we were invited to a couple exercises. In one exercise, Kate Messner invited us to wonder. To take time and reflect what are some of our questions, since much of our writing will initially spring from the desire to answers these questions.

So here are a few of my wonders:

I wonder why somedays I have a million ideas and somedays I have none.

I wonder why the lawn to my left, and the lawn to my right, are always greener than my own.

I wonder how much longer I have, and how can I make the most of what remains.

I wonder why I can still hear the sound of water in my shower drain hours after the last shower.

I wonder which are the convictions that I currently hold dear, that will eventually be revealed to be different than I thought?

I wonder why taste buds change over time, and if I will ever like brussel sprouts.

I wonder about the lines between competition, comparison, and how they can have the power to propel us, or corrupt us.


In the other exercise, Jo Knowles asked us to consider consider a current piece that we are working on, and why it is important to us. As I thought about the outline for my second novel, this is what was unveiled:

This is a story of building

of constructing

an image

a reputation


a manic drive

to be recognized

better than the rest

at school

and at home



but above all


This is a story of tearing down

of destructing



or siblings

who threaten my image

and fragile ego

constantly looking

over my shoulder

never able to savor victory

else it be snatched away

is it even real

if nobody recognizes it

if there isn’t a trophy

or cheers

or praise?

This is a story of defining

re-writing success

in terms of relationships

instead of trophies


internal principles

instead of external impressions


with the vision

in the mirror

but above all


the inner demons

that would steal our joy.

This is a story of building

of constructing

mutual respect

of finding victories

in the successes

of others

of celebrating



and freedom

from the need to be something

more than you are.

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  1. Can so relate to the accumulation of life’s trophies, collected via the failures of others…but to what end? What true value do they hold? Is victory the true accomplishment, or is it the humbling competition, won or lost, that gives us our value. Love it!

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