Collective Courage

by her courage
refusing to be ruled
by fear
or inconvenient truths

by the images
her climbing the pole
removing the flag.

Removing the flag
a symbol embedded
with a heritage
of hatred,
and oppression.

Removing the flag
ending a legacy
turning history’s page
declaring to our nation
now is the time.

Now is the time
to be humanitarians
without borders
united in the colors
of all people.

Now is the time
to stand together
unbowed by our past
or intimidation,
ready to move.

A movement
of collective courage
All races,
and ages.

A movement
driven by moral cause
Equality, justice
and freedom
for all.

I am free
because we are free
I am one of many
a movement of
collective courage.

Inspired by Bree Newsome
bringing down
the Confederate Flag
and raising the spirit
and conscience
of a nation.

3 thoughts on “Collective Courage

  1. Greg, I love this! When I saw the news about this event, it added to my collection of what courage looks like (sometimes climbing a flag pole!) I think we all are only as free as the “weakest” of us.

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