Guarding a Growing Legacy


There is a little garden lined with bricks at the entryway of our school. Not much is growing in that garden at the moment, but quite a bit is growing inside our school. The bricks guard the garden, but they also guide you into our building where young minds and hearts are in full bloom. 
As another school year ends next week, we celebrate not only the graduations of students moving on, but also the retirements of colleagues who are transitioning to the net phase of their lives. It is such an inspiring occasion, honoring the accomplishments of teachers and administrators, and looking back over their illustrious careers.
While my own retirement is a long way off, I am conscious of my own legacy. I think about the impact I’m having on students individually, and collectively. There is a desperation inside me to make each moment count, to make each day meaningful, to consistently send the message “You matter.” “You have immeasurable value.” “Your voice is needed.”
My time with these precious students is but a mist. Kids I worked with seemingly yesterday are now in college. So I have to make the most of every opportunity. Because like it or not, I will soon be just a memory in their educational path. I’ll be in their rearview mirror, as they move on to graduations, careers, and families. 
If you take a moment as you enter our building, look carefully at those bricks outside. Each one bears the name of a former teacher or administrator who poured their heart and soul into our school community. It is a symbolic gesture, reminding us that we are their legacy. Their efforts; their love; and their perseverance made our school a high-achieving, character-building, learning community that consistently prepares children for successful futures. Those bricks welcome you to our school, and guard our legacy. They mark what was lovingly, carefully, and diligently constructed within each of the students that called our school home. 

4 thoughts on “Guarding a Growing Legacy

  1. I’m completely late here. I’m sorry! On June 4th, I walked out of my classroom of 15-ish years for the last time to start a new job. (And I needed to stop with the emotions before I commented.) 🙂 This is such a lovely post. I often think of the educators who mentored me. As I see them, I always try to tell them what a difference they have made. The time with the students is so fleeting, it’s critical to let them know how much they are valued.

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  2. We have been given a great privilege to be in positions of influence and caring in this teaching profession. I love that you “have a desperation to make each moment count.” Each moment counts and we never know the impact that one of those moments has on the life of a child. Thanks for your post today. ~Deborah

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  3. I love the idea of using bricks as a way to honor the legacies of teachers who have worked in your school. Bricks symbolize so much – building, guarding, leading the way, constructing, home, etc. I know someday your name will be on one of those bricks, and many students will remember your guidance, faith, and encouragement.

    Feel free to link this up to this week’s post. Sorry I missed last week!


  4. The time we have with our students is fleeting but most important. From this piece, I feel your pride in the legacy you and your school are leaving.

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