Searching for Wonders


Dear Alex, 

     The time has come to leave our classroom.  The student-teaching assignment has ended. Your desk is empty, your bags are packed, and all the grading is completed. Tomorrow, you cross the graduation stage. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

     Take a moment and consider what you learned.  Think beyond the plans.  Look past the projects.  See further than the observations and assessments that bear witness to what a tremendous student you are.  What were the lessons?  What did you learn about life?  What did you learn about yourself? What wonders did you stumble upon?

     Life is a classroom.  It is an open, mysterious, exhilarating daily adventure in learning. In searching for wonders. The attributes that make you great teacher, also make you a remarkable person.  Over the past several months, we joined many wonderful characters that were on their own journeys in the classroom of life.  In their own fictional way, Turtle Wexler and Chris Theodorakis (The Westing Game), Ava Anderson (All the Answers), Dexter Stevens-Hamilton (Dash – Life Between the Numbers), Jack, Bree & Ally (Every Soul A Star), and Eben McCallister (The Seven Wonders of Sassafrass Springs) were on their own similar adventure.  These characters learned great lessons about the world around them, but more importantly, they learned about themselves.  They learned to cherish the people in their lives.  They learned to appreciate themselves. They discovered some of life’s precious wonders.

     I look forward to learning alongside of you as you travel forward on this venture in the classroom of life. My own journey has been enriched and enhanced by you, and I am eager to continue learning from your personal adventures. As Eben McCallister noted when leaving his hometown:

“I swallowed hard.  I’d often said that I’d get out of Sassafrass Springs some day.  Seeing myself walking down that road with no one stopping me made me feel kind of funny inside.  Glad and sad and kind of lonely.”  

Uncle Alf said softly: “Seems as if you are off to see the world.  Now that you have found your seven Wonders, I’ll bet you’ll be noticing new ones every day.”  

Keep on looking for “wonders” in your students, in your colleagues, in yourself, and in your world.

Always your teacher; Always your friend,

Greg Armamentos


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  1. What a lovely sentiment for your student teacher, but also a good reminder to us veteran teachers to continue looking for wonders. Alex was lucky to have you as a guide during this part of the journey.

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