Extraordinary Collaboration

President Lincoln surrounded himself with a team of rivals. Exceptional, strong-minded leaders who had no problem voicing their disagreements. He welcomed opposition, believing that a diversity of views could provide an incubator for genius. He recognized that iron sharpens iron.
I’m fortunate to work for a principal who welcomes many points of view in order to make informed, thoughtful decisions. He isn’t threatened, but rather strengthened, by the voices from his team. Luckily, we operate as colleagues rather than rivals, but we still come with our own perceptions, beliefs, and paradigms. Collaboration isn’t natural, but forged through difficult effort, that includes setting egos aside, and looking for the greater good.
So when our leadership team recently met over several weeks to craft a new vision statement for our school, we faced several challenges. We needed to put our collective genius together, and our pride aside, in order to tap into a vision that we could all invest in. A vision that could drive us. A vision, that could ignite our passions and invite our community to strive towards our collective dream.
An old proverb tells us that where there is no vision, people perish. It could also be said that where there is no collaboration, voices perish.
What emerged from our collaboration?
Dream. Strive. Believe.
Be You.
Be Extraordinary.

4 thoughts on “Extraordinary Collaboration

  1. I love the vision statement. That would be a good one to put on my bathroom mirror so I could look at it every morning. The photo connected with me, too, for several reasons, One, on my bathroom mirror now I have tucked the scripture verse, Hebrews 12:1, and two, I just finished The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold, a true story about University of Washington’s rowing team who made it to the 1936 Berlin Olympics.


  2. I love the vision! It’s bittersweet connecting with this post. I’m leaving some tremendous collaborative colleagues at the end of this school year to pursue some teaching I’m passionate about. Terrifying at best. I’ll get to forge my collaborative relationships again! Thanks for sharing.

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    • I’ve been following your story of transition. I know you will be a tremendous blessing with your new school community, and look forward to following your new chapter!


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