Names to Play With

One of the writing strategies we use in class is to play around with names. How do we select the name for a character we are creating? What can we create out of inteeresting last names? Once in a while, my class has an abundance of redundance when it comes to names. Riya, Siya, and Malia. Rick, Ricky and Richard. Gavin, Dylan, Edwin, and Kevin. Michelle, Michele, and Shelly.
You get the idea.
A couple years ago, my class had Ke. Wu, Ka. Wu, A. Mu, A Xu, and S. Hu. We had a lot of fun with that group. Here was one little story we concocted as a class:
The announcement blared
Mr. A., May I speak with you?
And please send down Mr. Wu,
and with him,
Mr. Mu, Ms. Hu, and Ms. Wu.
They need to come to the office
and speak to “You-know-who”!
The children then knew
theeree was trouble a brew
and the timid, shivering crew
went down to the office
to address the ado.
What is wrong, Mrs. True?
asked Stephanie Hu?
Why did you call us?
What did we do?
What did you do?!
Cried Mrs. True
who, now red with anger
was starting to stew.
As she rose from her desk
their fears larger grew.
“You know it was you”
that scratched my blue Subaru.
One of you kiddos
that ball that you threw
put a long scrape
in my new baby blue.
But it wasn’t us!
cried Hu, Mu, and two Wu’s.
It was that devious mastermind
The genius Albert Xu!

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