Muzzled & Confuzzled

For the past week or so I have been battling a bug of some nature. Debilitating headaches, incessant congestion, and the inability to accrue meaningful sleep has led me to feel like I am sleepwalking through each day. Somehow, I have managed to continue to blog daily, though the depth of my writing has at times been towards the shallow end.
Normally, I enjoy letting ideas percolate through the week, and seeing what bubbles to the surface. But these past several days I’m scraping for insights, or finishing off pieces that I had been working on since before the onset of the flu. I feel muzzled, as if any creative ideas are covered over or held back, way from my peripheral view.
So today’s writing, despite efforts to sharpen some of the works I have in process, will merely represent an effort to write daily, even when the well seems dry. It may not make for compelling reading, but I write in the hopes that the dedication to the practice will improve the quality of my future efforts.

2 thoughts on “Muzzled & Confuzzled

  1. Your writing is always insightful and engaging! I think you are you are being too tough on yourself…enjoy the journey! And, I hope you feel better soon.

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