Low Points & High Points

When our children were younger, we used to have a routine at the dinner table of sharing our high-points, and low-points of the day. This practice caused me to be more attuned to the day’s events, looking for what specific moments I would later share with my family. It also gave us a glimpse into each other’s days, deepening our bonds and helping us connecting our experiences.
It is a good habit to build, practicing the ability to notice the highlights of our day, as well as the obstacles. Each holds the seeds of opportunity. One allows us to grow in our gratitude, and the other allows us to grow through obstacles, and to gain strength and confidence as we witness our own maturation.
So today had many high-points, and a couple low-points. One moment that especially brought joy was when I delivered a run club shirt to one of my colleagues, who said “Who’d of ever thought I would wear a run club shirt?” She has been undergoing her own personal health transformation, and she is brimming with confidence as she changes from within and without.
I couldn’t be more proud of her. And it made me grateful to witness this moment, and to share in her joy.
For a low point, I’d have to say the impatience I felt while stuck in traffic this morning. There was a construction project that caused a bottleneck on the way to school. I didn’t curse, or have a meltdown, but I did allow my emotions to be annoyed. When you consider all the challenges faced by others in our world today, it was a pretty petulant response to a minor inconvenience.
So there you have it. A high and low point from today. Nothing momentous, but moments that give you a glimpse into my day. Take a moment to share your high and low points with someone close to you. Perhaps it can become your own routine.

3 thoughts on “Low Points & High Points

  1. What a fantastic idea! I mean, I had planned on starting this jar where anything good that happened you write on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. It was my resolution to help me remember all the good, but I still haven’t done it. Since I write something every day, maybe I’ll just work on thinking of a high and a low 🙂

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  2. Greg,
    Love this idea and in fact, we do this at our dinner table every night. Each family member shares out a high, a low, and a new at the dinner table. It’s a great way to stay connected with my daughters’ day. Thanks for sharing your high and low too!

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