I relish life’s seasons 
when pulled along by vision
carried by inspiration 
or driven by dreams.
Each climbing experience
brings exhilaration
stretching of new muscles
invigoration of new insights
and transformation of the spirit.
Some seasons are welcome plateaus
emerging from a long descent
licking the wounds
considering lessons learned
or reflection 
of climbs accomplished
savoring new landscapes
pondering the peaks ahead.
Flat lands require their own navigation
coursing through a nourishing respite
or clawing over prosaic milieu
depending on selected lens
this grinding but a noble test
of endurance
of stamina
of willingness to accept
all seasons of mankind
So I grind along
grateful for the terrain
cognizant that a joyous climb
doesn’t alone define strength,
that sometimes fortitude
and patience
are forged 
in the persistent heat
and uninvited solitude
of a prolonged grind.



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