Euphoric Collision


Tonight, two teams collide for a championship. Wisconsin and Duke crash the boards for NCAA bragging rights. When the game ends, there will be a crashing of a different sort – a collision of euphoria and depression. One team, and their loyal hordes, will delight as they cut down the nets. The other team, will experience heartbreak, their hopes cut down instead.
Thousands of cameras will flash, capturing the moment, filled with elation, and dejection. Social media will explode with instantaneous responses. A winner will be crowned amidst tears of jubilation, and tears of sorrow.
It would do us good to remember that it is still a game.
A game played by kids.
I hope it is a good game, as many in the tournament have been. I’d love to see drama until the final moments, with both teams trading clutch baskets, and coaches utilizing their benches with timely substitutions. Hopefully the officiating won’t play a part in the story, and the teams will each demonstrate sportsmanship and class when the buzzer sounds.
But it is a game.
As much as we hunger for the competition to unfold, the final score will have no real impact on most of our lives. The euphoria, or depression, will soon pass. May the only fires that burn tonight be fires of passion in the hearts of players. May the only demonstrations be those done on the court, with fluid X’s and O’s drawn up by legendary coaches, and executed by remarkable athletes. 

3 thoughts on “Euphoric Collision

  1. Well said! Our neighbors (and very good friends) are from Wisconsin, so we have morphed into Green Bay fans, and now, Badger fans–or at least when they’re playing. I’m sure we will be at their house tonight witnessing the range of emotions…which is entertaining in itself.


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