Accelerant of Constancy

Speed teases us. It taunts us. It allures us with promises.
Because faster is better.
Get to the front of the line. Finish first. It’s where the glory lies. It is the difference between a gold medal, and an also-ran. The distance between being famous, and being forgotten.
Or so we’ve been led to believe.
We spend much of our time looking for shortcuts. We seach for ways to speed up the process, so we have more time, only to realize that a shortcut is often the longest distance between two points.
Shortcuts in relationships may hasten closeness, but they also typically speed the dissolution of the relationship. Shortcuts in our studies may hasten completion of assignments, but they often lead to faulty foundations, leaving cracks that will be costly to repair.
Speed seduces us, suggesting a quick road to excitement and success, while often leaving us devoid of fulfillment.
As a runner, speed illuminates our sport. It separates those of us who grind out the miles, from those that are considered “elite”. But the path to speed is slow climb. Speed isn’t attracted to trendy athletic gear, but to the consistent intensity of effort. You get faster by running fast; but also by running frequently; and by running at a high intensity.
In other words, you get fast, slowly.
Likewise, in writing, speed has sex appeal, but constancy takes you to the altar. I’d love to crank out high quality prose on a whim. I’d love to generate a YA thriller next week, and sew up a publishing contract the week after. Throw in a winning lottery ticket while you’re at it.
But quickness and quality don’t date well.
Stories and people are ultimately measured by the quality of their impact, rather than the speed of their arrival.
So I go to my speed workouts every Wednesday to get faster as a runner. But the workouts are a grind, just like the rest of my week, when I’m racking up mile after mile. I make time to write throughout each week, because quick reads are not always quick writes, but are created by thoughtful wrestling over words, and structures. Flows and phrases. Observing, and collecting, methodically. Day after day. Because constancy builds quality. Deliberate training is the accelerant to improving in any worthwhile endeavor, whether it is running, writing, or relationships. Slow, plodding, constancy is the quickest path to chiseling the character in our own life’s story.
This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

8 thoughts on “Accelerant of Constancy

  1. “Quickness and quality don’t date well.” Such a post full of wisdom. (And it inspired me to take off last night and get in the speed workout.) I’ve been messing with this challenge, but probably won’t post each day! I’ll be following yours though!


  2. I see that you, too, have taken up another blogging challenge. I’m not surprised! After all, “constancy builds quality.” I’m glad I can keep coming here to read your wise and wonderful words!


  3. So much about this I love. I think my favorite line is “Stories and people are ultimately measured by the quality of their impact, rather than the speed of their arrival.” It’s so true. In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s hard to remember sometimes. We’ve learned to expect everything instantly. I love the phrase “consistent intensity of effort.” Something I need to work on! I am impressed that you are taking on another blogging challenge. I look forward to reading your forthcoming posts!

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