Each day in March, I’m participating in the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. You can visit their site here. This is my slice for Day 29.
Listening to –
a group of early teens converging on the local Starbucks, noisily, at 8:30pm on a Sunday evening. Brimming with insecurity and false bravado, trying to find their own voice amongst their peers.
Enjoying –
a cinnamon danish, free of charge, as they prepare to close for the evening. An unexpected treat to end the day.
Contemplating –
what lies ahead in my writing journey as the Slice of Life challenge ends Tuesday. I have a completed draft for my 2nd novel that awaits me to move it along.
Noticing –
that at the end of spring break I am drained, not refreshed. Is it just late on a Sunday evening, or did I miss the opportunity to charge my spirit this past week?
Wondering –
what my students did over their break. I can’t wait to reconnect with colleagues and kids tomorrow. My heart is also heavy for a friend who just received difficult news regarding a family member’s health.
Reflecting –
on a month of reading deeply from blogs of colleagues and friends has impacted me profoundly. I can’t adequately credit all those that forever touched me, with their stories, their comments, their brilliance, or their vulnerability. They stretched themselves to create, to play, to vocalize, and to connect.
Thankful –
for challenges, and respites. For friends who take the time to ask beyond my circumstances, genuinely concerned about my spirit’s welfare. For a career that allows me to change this world for the better. For a family that loves me, even through difficult seasons. For boundary lines in pleasant places. For gifts that hopefully I am using to honor the One who gave them to me.

16 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I love this moment in time – thoughts, reflections, observations, etc. This challenge will end tomorrow, and I’m going to go through withdraw, not only because I won’t be writing blog posts every day, but also because I won’t be reading one from you every day. That makes me sad.

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    • I’m in the same boat (except you currently see palm trees while I am looking at remnants of snow). I will miss your sol posts, at least the daily dosage, but I will focus on my gratitude for this season, and look forward to the next venture. Thank for your constant encouragement, as well as sharing your magical stories that I savor each day.


  2. Well, let’s say you are an “ultra” slicer. Me, I only made it to the 5k slice marker and that’s okay. You have stretched my thinking and caused me to ponder and for that I am grateful too. Can’t wait to hear about your book!


  3. Very thoughtful post as always. I am so glad to have “met” you through this challenge. You have been so encouraging, which I have deeply appreciated, and your writing has been both entertaining and inspirational. Best of luck with novel #2!

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    • The encouragement and inspiration has gone both ways. I’m grateful to know you as a writer and colleague as well, and look forward to following your continued journey. Perhaps we can collaborate on a writing piece in the future. Best wishes!


  4. Your post spoke to many musings in my own world. Sending prayers for your friend. I have often heard teachers say they needed to come back to school to rest. – I think a better choice of words would be to recharge differently. Teaching consumes us on so many levels, but it also enriches us. During breaks we often work furiously on projects. We use different sets of emotional muscles.

    I imagine your students are anxious to see you too.

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  5. Your words touched me. The end of March break was always bittersweet – an end to days of my choosing but also a desire to see my students and get back to teaching. All the best as you work on your book, get back to teaching. As Kendra said, a prayer for your friend – and you as well.


  6. Oooh! Free Danish. My favorite kind. Blessings today as you reconnect with students and colleagues. And a prayer for your friend. Finally, it’s been awesome getting to connect with you more this month! I seriously considered the challenge to double down and keep writing until Mother’s Day. 🙂 I’ll be dropping by in April a lot! Thanks for sharing with us!

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  7. I wonder how many teachers really, truly feel recharged from spring break…I know I usually don’t! Here’s hoping for a smooth transition to work today and smiling faces all around.


  8. I wonder if you’ve recharged yourself in other ways this week? Ways that you won’t see right away maybe? I hope you don’t go into work drained today after sharing this lovely post.


  9. They stretched themselves
    in virtual space,
    elastic bands of words
    snapping to its own rhythm,
    writing at a pace
    only a few could understand;
    each morning, a new sunrise
    of connections, as brilliant as a
    summer morning.

    –Kevin, doing some more line lifting as March rolls into April

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