Sleep Deprivation Leads Carol to the Refrigerator for a Decision of Faith.


Each day in March, I’m participating in the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. You can visit their site here. This is my slice for Day 26.


Startegy used: “Writing From a List”

This is the most widely used writing strategy in our classroom. It is a tool for idea generation. Not sure what to write about? Develop a list, and then go from there. Weird Habits Teachers Have. Things My Dad Says That Drive Me Crazy. What I Don’t Understand About (the opposite gender).

You get the idea.
Once you have your list, highlight or star the ones that most interest you. The ones where you have a story to tell.
Choose one of those for now, and save the rest for later.
Get writing.
First, a topic for my list.
This should be apropos:
Indications that I’m Sleep Deprived
1. I stare at things with awe, that are not awesome.
*2. I want to sleep, but I’m too tired to go to bed.
*3. My speech gets slurpy, slurry, slurred.
4. I’m either overly talkative, or painfully silent.
5. Brain fog. (Usually leads to brain farts.)
*6. Anything on TV is riveting. Even infomercials about Belgian Curtains. Apparently their design is compartmentalized, like their waffles.
7. I’ll eat just about anything nearby – hot, cold, or lukewarm. As long as it is stationary.
So which ideas interest me the most? I’ll go back and star #2, 3, & 6. Stories are already brewing in my brain. For tonight, I’ll go with #3, since I am bleary-eyed and destined to be stuck watching an infomercial on ground-breaking software that will update my Windows 97, if I don’t get to bed soon.
Many moons ago I used to serve in a youth ministry. I was a college student, working with high school students who were questioning their spiritual journey. We would study the scriptures together, and hopefully find answers to their questions.
One particular evening, a young student wanted to go over some passages that would help him solidify his own convictions to follow the Lord. So we looked at some verses, and I asked him some questions, so he could count the cost of the decision he wanted to make.
When we discussed letting go of habits that were spiritually unhealthy, I asked him “are you willing to take out your refrigerator?” He stared at me for several moments, and then asked, “What does getting rid of my refrigerator have to do with my spiritual journey?”
Did I say that?
He nodded.
A few moments later, as he was ready to finalize his decision, I asked him if he was ready to “make Carol his savior”
Carol who?
Um, never mind. I’m really tired.
At the end of our conversation, he had made his decision. Luckily, it wasn’t to follow anyone named Carol, nor did it require the removal of any kitchen appliances. Although he probably had a lot less faith in my ability to help him, he had made a declaration of faith in someone who could. Someone who isn’t prone to sleep deprivation, or binge eating while watching infomercials at 2am.

7 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation Leads Carol to the Refrigerator for a Decision of Faith.

  1. How did you do that? How did you manage to take some randomness, sleep-deprivation, a funny story, and writing advice and wrap it all up somehow to make perfect sense and even give us a poignant message? Wow.

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    • =)

      Still working on my spiritual journey post for today. “Exercising my right to fail.”

      I was too sleep deprived to realize that I should have posted this one today, and save Carol’s refrigerator walk of faith until tomorrow. Ooops!


  2. Shawn and I too had a stint in youth ministry “when we were little.” Such important work takes place at 2 AM sometimes. I loved how this wound from a list into something much more! I’ll never look at my refrigerator the same again!

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  3. Loved how this evolved. My favorite pieces are those that reveal the significance of the title at the end. Here’s hoping tonight is kinder to you.

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