Thin Slicing

Each day in March, I’m participating in the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. You can visit their site here. This is my slice for Day 25.

(Found Poem-ish from SOL Titles on 3/24)
In the midst of
a 4 hour layover
Just so tired
Can’t sleep
I needed to write my entry
cross it off the list
perhaps a fallback post
about jobs I had
or that dandelions dream
then my wife
with a sly grin
passes me a note
miss me?
I need you
changing plans
shh, don’t say it
and I start having
hummingbird thoughts
normal is not normal
we’d spent weeks
a world apart
but a moment away
and I start writing
a story of a different shape
a midnight adventure of a tame variety
recalling the wedding in Spain
under the compulsion of sugar
I was choosing my own adventure
and she was
my chosen one
who chose me back
even though I
think smart and talk stupid
with a one track mind
what do you want to learn
something new for me
breaking tradition
taming dragons not for public viewing
our vows
midnight promises
i didn’t want to, but I did
vignette from the church balcony
where the magic happens
Bob Dylan is a god
and she asks
what are you writing?
panic mode
I, I, I…
I just don’t wanna
not fun
piece of mind train
just one of
5 things that always get me into trouble
she reaches out
tired hand
the one with the Vicks VapoRub
touching my cheek
and I wonder
do you know me?
I saw you feel sick today
I hate baths
cleaning therapy
Mind flashes
memories of a life
coming home
go team
Endings that don’t suck
my moment
unfinished business

14 thoughts on “Thin Slicing

    • Thanks! ‘Twas great fun playing with arrangements! I had a different arrangement at first, but it might have been misinterpreted, so I chose this one instead.


    • The benefit of being on spring break it I have a little more time for creativity. I listed a bunch of the catchy titles, and kept re-arranging them until I liked the feel. I added a few transition terms or other items to make it flow a bit better.

      Thanks as always for the kind words!

      Your post about your mom choked me up. Very beautiful.


    • That is so very kind of you to say! I wanted to try something different, and this seemed like a playful idea. Now if I could only go back and credit everyone for the fun titles they provided!

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