My Teacher Can Do Anything. Almost.


Each day in March, I’m participating in the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. You can visit their site here. This is my slice for Day 23.


I have the best teacher in the world.

He is my favorite.

He makes learning safe


and fun.

He lets us choose our projects

what we will explore

how we will present

and what we write about.

He even writes with us.

He reads to us everyday,

not those books from years ago,

but new books

that we all love


He makes character voices

rich with attitude

and intrigue.

We laugh,

we learn

and we even shed some tears


My teacher talks to me

as his student

and his friend.

He stretches me

without stressing me.

He takes risks

and makes mistakes

and we all learn from it


He has crabby days


but he apologizes

and we learn from that as well.

He brings in guests

and connects us

to the world.

He leads cool clubs

after school

where we train

and run

and learn

about ourselves

and each other.

My teacher can do anything.


Except draw.

Or sing.

Or dance.

Or make popcorn.

His drawings are primitive,

but we play along

smiling at stick figures

though we paint



and draw

far beyond his ability.

His singing is irksome,

but we play along

covering our ears

and biting our lips

because he really believes

he can sing.

His dancing is awkward

but we play along

suppressing chuckles

and giggles

and chortles

as he sashays

and trips

into desks

and chairs.

My teacher can do anything.


He spent the summers

of his youth

making popcorn

at concerts

popping millions of kernels

for thousands of patrons

decades ago

a skill he must’ve forgotten

when he assumed the controls

for our movie night

and set off the fire alarm

not once

but twice,

showing us how to laugh

at his mistakes

and our own

as we learn together

with high expectations

and a willingness to dream





we can do almost anything.


12 thoughts on “My Teacher Can Do Anything. Almost.

  1. Like others, I love the line “he stretches me without stressing me.” It sounds like the kind of fun/angst we have when we learn something new and know that we’ll have difficulty in the beginning. When we continue to try and are “stretched,” we appreciate an love those who stretch us because in them we find support through the difficulties.
    Love these slices, Greg!

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  2. I have the best students in the world:
    the listeners
    the writers
    the readers
    the thinkers, pushing the envelope
    and making the movies
    that I pop the corn to watch,
    marveling at what they are capable of
    when moving into their world;
    They can do almost anything.

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  3. Every day you write something that stays with me, turning around in my thoughts minutes and hours later. I love this so much- it expresses perfectly the joy and relationship between teacher and students. I love the part about crabby days (don’t I know it) and the line “He stretches me without stressing me” is one that particularly resonates because it is such a fine line and the skillful teacher will know how to do one without the other. Thank you for sharing this.

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