A Picture is Worth…76 Words or So.

Each day in March, I’m participating in the Slice of Life challenge, hosted by Two Writing Teachers. You can visit their site here. This is my slice for Day 18.

One of the writing strategies we use in class is to do quick-writes from photos. I thought I’d see where this photo led me.

“Friendship can be found in the most unlikely of places.”

“Nobody can ride your back when you stand for something.”


“Can you speed it up a little? I think we’re going to be late?”

Designated driver.

“You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.”

“So this prehistoric beetle and a frog ride into a bar…”

“Can you get me over to Sesame Street?”

“Hey Mike, we should write something about this. Should we write a duel, or a duet?


13 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth…76 Words or So.

  1. The picture was awesome!! I had not yet scrolled down to the writing underneath and I had to pause because I couldn’t figure out where you were going. Then I read the text. Brilliant!! Inspirational!! Thanks for the smile!!


  2. Thanks for a fun start to the day. I love how one picture took you in so many different quirky and creative directions! What a great lesson for students! By the way, for some reason I picture that frog as singing an aria to her captive audience.

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  3. Hahahha. Great photo for starts. I have to think on my prompts but these are funny. 76 words or so. Yeah, that about sums it up. This screams be creative, create, go write! And makes me want to show students.


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