Thin Mints & Coke

Slice of Life: Day 15

When the call went out to Duel or Duet, within a day messages were being exchanged.  Duel or Duet?  Half Marathon vs. Ultra Marathon?  Thin Mints and Coke?!?  After exchanging a few ideas back and forth via Twitter; naturally we landed on cookies and soda.  After it was finished, Kendra noticed how our stories were a true duet.  It’s hard to tell who added what to the piece.  Greg noticed…???  🙂  Without anymore delay, we bring you:

Thin Mints and Coke:  A Duet

By: Greg Armamentos and Kendra Limback

You know Spring is coming.  The girls begin to trail in the classroom; first in a trickle, then in a steady stream.  Brownies or Cadettes, clutching their order form. Anticipation filling the air.  It’s cookie time! I always say yes to each Girl Scout who comes through my door. It’s my way of taking one for the team. So many kinds to choose from, but I have my long-time favorites. I usually need a box of Samoas, with the toasted coconut and chocolate striping. Do-Si-Do’s are pure peanut butter goodness. And Thin Mints are always a must.  The clouds open and the angels sing when I bite into a Thin Mint. The delightful crispy cookie covered in the perfect amount of chocolate. A perfect go-to snack. Anytime. Anyplace. I have some hiding in my car. Is that bad?

If Thin Mints are my pleasure, then Coke is my vice.  From the fountain please, or a cold can.  

Yes, I know how much sugar there is.  I know I’ll feel bloated later. But I don’t care, even when my waistline does.  The carbonated bubbles refresh, tickle, and awaken me as they course down my throat. I remember the glass bottles in my grandmother’s refrigerator.  How they would clink together with a sweet melody, made even sweeter once the bottle was open.  

Funny, it was when I was drinking those cokes, that we had our best conversations.  I learned about my Grandpa, I learned about what books Grandma was reading.  I learned her thoughts on politics, sports figures, and a whole host of other topics that I didn’t even know I should care about.

There’s nothing like reaching for a Coke after a long run. Whether I finish my distance, or wind up bonking, it’s the Coke that helps me bounce back. It’s the Coke that refreshes me. It’s the Coke that reminds me of younger days.

28 thoughts on “Thin Mints & Coke

  1. Greg, yours is a blog I have learned about through this Challenge. So glad I have. I have enjoyed your creativity and your spin on words. Would love to do a duel/duet with you some time.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this piece. It gave me some great ideas for my classroom (I never considered duet writing before) as well as my own running blog… Perhaps it will be time to write about post-run rituals soon.

    Thank you!

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    • Your posts have spurred many great ideas for my students as well. I love all the different structures you have used, as well as the wordplay! Thanks for your consistent encuragement!

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  3. I also meant to mention how much I love the reflection on time spent in conversation with your grandma. What beautiful memories. My grandma had a beauty shop attached to her house in dodge city Kansas. I had a lot of fun there and one of the best parts was the coke machine she had with bottles of coke (real sugar) and how they would clink down that metal machine all icy and cold and delicious! We got to have one – only one each day we visited. More writing to do on this! Thank you for reminding me.

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  4. Brilliant! I’m still not exactly clear whose writing is whose here but I am loving it! I’m going to follow this and when I’m ready I’m jumping in too! New people to follow on Twitter! I love the “heavens open” line too. Somehow I think there’s a song brewing up in here.

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  5. I love this format and look forward to trying it out, as well as having my kids try it out, too. Now I’m craving both Thin Mints and Coca-Cola!

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  6. Yum and Yum! Make mine Thin Mints and Diet Coke. The Diet Coke counteracts the calories of the Thin Mints, right? Great writing! I can “taste” it and want some now. D 🙂

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  7. I love this post! This will be so much fun to try with students, but mostly, I love it because someone else has (and admits) to a Coke addiction!

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  8. Thanks for this wonderful writing format and for a WONDERFUL piece. I don’t share the coke love but a box of Thin Mints could solve world peace – at least in my soul – for a few hours.

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  9. I WANT TO DO A WRITING DUET!!!! So FUN! I adore this piece and the way the two voices vary yet go so well together! Thank you for sharing it!!! Tell me more about this writing duet thing!

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    • Here is how it works. Or at least I think, seeing as though this is also my maiden voyage with a duet and / or a duel as well. I saw the idea on a recent tweet by my PLN friend Theresa Christensen ( @GradingGirl ), and thought it would add a fun twist to student writing, as well as my own.

      So without further adieu, here is my spin:


      1st: List several opposite concepts, or antonyms. Examples:

      – Awake vs. Asleep

      – Chaotic vs. Calm

      – Tolerance vs. Immersion

      – Marvel Universe vs. DC

      – Boxers vs. (oops, never mind)

      2nd: You and your collaborating partner each choose a side. Write your own post from that standpoint. Sing the praises of your perspective. Pick of few playful holes in the other side.

      3rd: Post each to your blog, and link them. Let your readers enjoy point vs. counterpoint.

      You can read more about dueling posts here.


      1st: List several similar concepts, or play with words along a continuum. Enjoy discerning the nuances between synonyms. Examples:

      – Flying or Soaring

      – Running or Racing

      – Innovation or Creation

      – Reading a book in a warm cafe, or curled on your couch with your latest novel

      – Hosting a feast for friends, or having a special meal with family

      2nd: You and your collaborating partner each choose your part of the same song. Write your own post from that vantage point. Sing the praises of your perspective. Dig into what makes it resonate with you. Perhaps contrast it to your partner’s side, but enjoying both views. You’re creating harmony.

      3rd: Post each to your blog, and link them. Let your readers enjoy the blended voice that you and your partner have jointly created.

      So find a partner. To playfully spar with, or to sync with. Duke it out, or dance.

      I’ll post some here in the coming days, and I look forward to reading yours as well.

      This invitation promises to be a fun challenge.

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