Coaxing Her Out of the Nest.

Slice of Life Day 11

Today I used the strategy “Lifting a Line” and selected the following line from Faith’s journal (a brilliant mathematician, a talented writer, and a fashionista in my classroom), with her permission. Faith’s stunning line that sparks my story is:


“I tried to coax her out of her little nest.”


I tried to coax the little on out of her nest. She had been reluctant to spread her wings and come on to the stage, after witnessing some of the callous feedback from the cruel, juvenile crowd.


Kids can be so mean sometimes.


But Rachel had such a rare gift. She could sing with the angels. Her melodic voice could melt even the hardest of hearts, if we could only get her up to the microphone.


As powerful as her gift was, she was a timid soul. Fear gripped her often, and it would be difficult to get her to take the leap of faith and have her sing to the high school crowd. She would need a demonstration of similar courage. Someone she knew, and trusted, would have to fall on their own sword first. They would have to go on the stage before her, and risk their own humiliation.

I swallowed hard, knowing there was a perfect person to make such a sacrifice, who was equally as timid as Rachel, but not nearly as talented.


I pulled back the curtain, and walked out to the center of the stage.


Grabbing the microphone, I began to sing. Warble, really. Until I saw Jake, smiling, from his wheelchair. His reassuring nod gave me all the confidence I needed to sing.


And before I could finish the first verse, Rachel had joined me on the stage, her voice lifting the rows of students to their feet. 



Swooning in rhythm. 

Ending with a flourish with a rousing ovation.

Kids can be so sweet sometimes.


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  1. What an inspiration Faith gave you with that one simple but beautiful line! I need to do a line lifting exercise with my students. They would have fun with that and would help them write their next slice. Wonderful story and writing idea!

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