The Adventure of Losing “Me”

Day 5 of the “Slice of Life” Writing Challenge

Choose me. 

Use me. 

I just want to lose “me”.

I’m leading a mission team to Mexico this summer. Over the past few weeks, people have begun to submit their names, expressing a desire to be chosen for the team. During that time, I’ve also started tapping some shoulders, and planting the idea with people that I’d like to have along. Some of the folks I’m asking, have never been on a mission trip before. Others that I’m reaching out to, have been down this road.

The newcomers have many questions. What to expect? What is the cost? How is the food? They want to be sold on the reasons to participate. Some of the teens are excited about the opportunity to travel. To get away from home. To go on an adventure.

The truth is, this adventure, is no vacation. It’s no picnic, either. 

But it is a feast for your soul.

When your chosen to go on a mission trip, you have to go with the mindset of being used up. Leaving it all on the field. Pouring out every ounce of your being, and hopefully, losing yourself in the process. You’re voluntarily choosing to lay down your ego, your energy, your talents, and your love; in order to lift up others. To go all-out, as you put yourself all-in.

To get lost in the adventure of dying to yourself, and in the process, seeing a better version of “you” emerge.

As we prepare for our adventure, we work to forge a team. We learn about our talents, passions, and strengths, and how we might best use these to be a blessing to the people we are going to serve. We also delve into our fears. Because to have a real adventure, we have to be authentic. 

One of my greatest fears in the past was not being “present” while on the journey. I was worried that in the midst of being in a different culture, exposed to a different pattern and rhythm of worship than I am accustomed to, I would miss out on whatever lesson I was meant receive. Sharing this with my counterparts insured they had my back, and allowed me to be more open to the experience. Other friends confessed to fears such as public speaking, language miscommunications, or health and safety concerns. 

Fears are all part and parcel of an adventure. Facing them, and embracing them.

Why do it? Why ask to be chosen to give up a week of your life, and travel to a third-world area? Why ask for the opportunity to go to a place where the water is rationed; the sleep is short; and the food is more about necessity than choice? Why submit your name in the hopes you’re selected to go for a week of using odiferous outhouses; working back-breaking chores; under a baking-hot sky? Why sign up to leave the comforts of home, family, and friends; to work alongside a group of people that you barely know?

Because there is something transformational about the application of faith. 

There is something magical about setting priorities aside, to intentionally serve others.

There is something spiritual about voluntarily laying down my ego, agenda, and fears; to spend myself in a worthy cause.

Choose me.

Use me.

I’m on the adventure of losing “me“.



25 thoughts on “The Adventure of Losing “Me”

  1. I love the idea of losing yourself to the path that God wants you to take. I have a feeling that in doing this amazing things will happen on your mission trip . . . I love watching your journey through your blog!

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  2. I always feel so honored when Kevin hacks in. Love this line, “To get lost in the adventure of dying to yourself, and in the process, seeing a better version of “you” emerge.” I’ve been on one mission trip and like you said, I lost myself to find myself. Profound. Thanks for this lovely writing. I am never disappointed.

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  3. This line resonated so much for me – “there is something transformational about the application of faith” Living our faith is such a challenge but what a world we would be if all did. WIll look forward to your reports on the mission trip – may all of you be “used up” and be transformed by faith.

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  4. Mission trips are some of life’s greatest adventures! I almost did my slice today on the same topic, but changed my mind at the last minute.;-) I’m glad I did because you did such an amazing job!! What part of Mexico are you going to (we may have talked about this before)? Our church has been sending teams to Mexico for years. Libby and I have both gone. Libby LOVES it there! She is drawn to Latin countries. I can’t wait to hear about your ADVENTURE this summer!

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    • As someone who runs marathons, I’m guessing your limits are less than they appear to be. At some point in your past, I’m willing to bet a marathon seemed daunting, or even impossible. Now, you crush them. You’re more amazing than you realize!

      Thanks as always for your kind words!


  5. Blessings on your trip, and the preparations for it. While it’s been years since my husband and I have traveled to do missions, I completely agree with your statement the application of faith. We’ve been called to go! Here’s to losing “me” along the way!

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  6. “Because there is something transformational about the application of faith.” I can’t wait to read about your adventures on this trip. It will be tranformational for everyone who goes. Transformation happens when we serve. So true. Thank you for the reminder.

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  7. I love Kevin’s poems. 🙂 I love the way you describe losing oneself in service…to God and to other humans. That really is what a mission is about, right? It shouldn’t be about the adventure alone. Your slice will have me reflecting all day on that.

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  8. We sat down last night for
    the feast of the soul,
    serving up memories rich with
    successes and regrets and
    paths taken, paths avoided,
    and I asked you to pass me the time
    when you did what you said you would never do
    and yet did it anyway, as I lent you my faith
    to keep you strong in that which has yet to arrive,
    and by the end of the night, comfortable in our silence,
    we dreamt the dreams of ones who know
    the world is messy and full of the unknown,
    yet that should never be the reason for
    staying behind.

    Sometimes, for Slice of Life, I like to lift lines from blog posts and craft short poems as comments. Thanks for sharing your words with me. I hope the poem honors your words.

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  9. Because there is something transformational about the application of faith
    – I love this sentence. Reading this reminded me of the first mission trip I took in college. Some of the ideas you wrote about were expressed to me in advance. Some I realized after. And then there were a few that struck me upon reading it like, “I never thought about it that way, but YEAH.”

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  10. I’m sold! “To get lost in the adventure of dying to yourself, and in the process, seeing a better version of “you” emerge.” These are words to remember for any adventure.

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  11. Such a powerful piece of writing with many parts directly speaking to me. “A feast for your soul”…”Because there is something transformational about the application of faith”…. The application of faith is sometimes hard to do and setting aside other “priorities” and ego is quite hard. I am certain the experience will be life-changing for all who participate!

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