The Precious Familiar –


We’re funny,
you and I.
Always chasing
those special moments,
and treasured people.

Until we have them.
Then it is on,
to the next.

We allow the precious,
to become familiar.
Losing their luster,
at least in our eyes,
and our hearts.

The closer they become,
often the further away we are
from recognizing,
their shine,
their brilliance,
their temporary visit
in our life story.

The relative peace,
and freedom
that we live in
each day.

The health
that many of us have.
Limbs fine,
no life sentence
hanging over us.

The incredible wealth
lavished on us,
comparable to
our global brethren.

The spectacular beauty
of nature
that surrounds us,
giving backdrop
to each day.

Each baby,
entering the world
filled with awe
and wonder.

The precious Creator
who gave you life,
and preserves it
while you sleep.

Our bodies,
with the power to heal,
to grow,
to change,
and adapt.

Our souls,
which scar,
and yet manage
to still experience joy,
and love.

Our minds,
which enjoy
the miracle
of learning;
making connections.
Our hearts,
filled with purpose,
and our students’ ideas,
changing the trajectory
of our instruction,
and pursuit.

in our life story,
who helped make us
who we are.

The people,
who let us participate
in their own life story
and perhaps contribute a verse.

These are all precious
blessings we enjoy.

When we dwell on these
we are centered,
even if for a moment,
simultaneously small
in a huge universe,
yet specifically,
and individually
and cared for
by name.

But what about
when YOU
are the precious familiar?

We can often identify,
someone else
as precious.

pure and

who have stormed
the fire
and saved
the day.

who with their last breath
bless us,
passing on
their legacy of love.

These we can see
are worthy of the title

But us?

When YOU
are the precious familiar –
perhaps a prophet
in his hometown;
a parent
demanded from
but unappreciated;
a spouse
feeling unloved,
or disrespected.

anything but

Feeling just
Duty bound,
but not
delighted in.

How do you
handle being
the precious familiar?

At times
the only voice
you have is
your own.
Telling you
that you are more
than just duties
and expectations.
That you are
and vital.

And even if
yours is the only voice
calling out;
the song is still true.
It is no less humble
if you sing it.
Or whisper it.

4 thoughts on “The Precious Familiar –

  1. I love your poetic musings on this post. It reminds me to appreciate myself and what I have to offer . . . it’s easy to get caught up in life and forget to delight in living. Thank you for stretching me today.

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  2. Again, your words are outstanding and moving, Greg. Here are my reflections on your post. We are all more than duties and expectations. Our Creator made us unique, familiar, and precious, and specifically for His purpose. Faith keeps us looking up, hopeful, and feeling special. When we believe, we live more for Him and His “opinion” of us than that of our earthly world.
    Thank you for being a positive voice and always causing us to reflect!


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