Who Stole My Mojo?


Drive. Desire. Fire.

You know it when you have it.
You wake up with the alarm,
no snooze button needed.
You look forward to the workouts.
You push, and exceed your plans.

You’re in the zone.
You’re focused.
You’ve had a dose of awesome-sauce.

You’ve got mojo.

There’s nothing like it.
It’s almost better than…
Well, almost.

But that euphoric feeling wanes at times.
The excitement of plotting out your new goals for the new year,
Can be swiftly replaced by the cold winds, gray skies, and plummeting temps of winter.

And then you’re left hunched over,
Too tired to work out.
Or too busy.

You wish you felt like it.
You want to have that “want to”
But it is so elusive.
And you’re left wondering
Where did the fire go?
Who stole my mojo?

For some of us, our drive can be stolen by injury,
or the cruel interruptions that sickness and tragedy brings.

But more often than not,
mojo creeps away slowly,
like that good friend who calls less,
texts less,
and has less time to hang with you,
until you’re left wondering,
what happened to your friendship?

You know the mojo-stealers.
Too much sugar in the diet,
sapping your strength.
Too many late nights,
followed by dragging days.
Too many workouts feeling invincible,
until you realize you’ve overtrained,
and in need of rest and recovery.

There are other thieves, too.
Mojo is pilfered when we get caught up in comparisons,
Coasting along at a good pace,
Envisioning graceful, lanky strides,
only to be passed by someone
several years older,
and many pounds heavier
and somehow much faster,
breathing much easier.

Mojo is snatched when we give ear to criticism,
usually of the internal voice,
saying why bother?
I’m not fast enough.
I’m not losing enough weight.
I don’t stick to it enough.
I’m not worth it.

And before you know it,
Weeks have gone by since our last workout,
Our goals are fading memories
Lacking the excitement
and the verve we felt when we penned them.
What once stirred our hearts
when we had the epiphany
to see our potential,
when we had the vision
to dream audacious dreams;
That vision can begin to fade
The goals that once inspired us
can begin to feel tinged with guilt
or tainted with shame.

And it is easier to turn away.
Avert our eyes.
And forget,
That we,
at our core,
were each designed to be
a badass.

We were designed to rule.
To hold dominion.
To dream,
and to claim.
To run,
and not grow weary.

But if mojo can be stolen
Then it can be taken back.

The decision to move forward
one small step at a time,
one healthy meal,
one workout,
is just one decision away.

And each of those decisions
breathes life into your mojo
fanning the sparks
encouraging the embers
until the fire begins to burn again
and the drive returns
and before you know it
You’re back in that zone
Tasting the awesome-sauce
Wondering how you ever left
and clutching onto your mojo
with a hard-earned swagger
that won’t be easily taken again.

7 thoughts on “Who Stole My Mojo?

  1. I love this; I especially identify with your stanza about comparisons. I also appreciate the hopeful tone… winter will end and the need will return. Thank you!


  2. Oh so true! Sometimes I spend way too much, I mean way too much, time deciding if I’m going to workout or not. I just abhor that mental battle. I usually win in the end and never regret the workout, just the game of mental ping pong before the workout!!!


    • I hate that ping-pong match! Someone gave me a workout planner, and I try to keep a habit of planning my runs a week or two out. It seems to help, and that way, the decision is already made.

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