Keep. My. Words.


Keep. My. Words.

One of the most persistent themes in the bible is to keep God’s word. To write it on our hearts. To focus.
On His truth.
On His love.
On His son.

1My son, keep my words
and store up my commands within you.
2 Keep my commands and you will live;
guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.
3 Bind them on your fingers;
write them on the tablet of your heart. – Proverbs 7:1-3

As an educator, I have worked with many kids with attention issues. But truth be told, many of us adults have attention issues too. I do.

My attention is drawn to learning about education. To my Twitter PLN. To professional resources. To creative projects, and to writing.
My attention is drawn to sports. To competition. To fitness goals and challenges, and a community of people who are similarly driven.
My attention is drawn to TV. Facebook. Trivial games.
My attention is drawn to blank thoughts. Dark thoughts. Unhealthy thoughts. Grandiose thoughts.

I have an attention issue. I have an inability to focus, at least at times.

When my attention wanders from God, my life gets out of balance. My relationships suffer. My perspective becomes skewed. My faith is diminished.

As the calendar turns, I am hitting the refresh button. I am trying to focus on, well, focusing. Dwelling. Being in the moment. Being in His presence. Dwelling on His word, His mercy, and His Son.

I am trying to keep His words. To store them. To write them on my heart.


8 thoughts on “Keep. My. Words.

  1. “When my attention wanders from God, my life gets out of balance.” This is something I need to work or focus on this year because things do get out of whack when are n to focused. And I love the idea of a refresh button. Great post.


  2. The segment on “my attention is drawn…” is well done. That is the point, isn’t it? Our attention is drawn. All these things “They” say is good for us, is necessary, or is a convience? Are they really? OR do they distract us from who we are? Our true selves. And, of course, the consequences. What really suffers? You pointed out some poignant thoughts and ideas in this piece.


  3. Just realized that my post is really about the hitting the refresh button as well! Good thing we have Holly who reminds us to support each other on this journey. Thank you for your words this morning!


  4. This line spoke to me, “When my attention wanders from God, my life gets out of balance.” I can totally relate! Trying to “write His words on my heart” is a goal for me too. I love how you write! Thank you for a moving and thoughtful post!


  5. Greg, this line resonates with me: write His words on the tablet of your heart. If we are focused, we can commit to opening our heart to His words, His path, His lead. Thank you for the verse from proverbs and allowing your thoughts to blend with mine.


  6. “When my attention wanders from God, my life gets out of balance.” So true! God is always calling us to draw closer to Him. Thank you for FOCUSing your post on His Word. This is a fascinating exercise – I love hearing all your thoughts on FOCUS! It is expanding my understanding of the concept and making it richer. Thank you! I look forward to exploring each of the Spiritual Journey community participants’ words!


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