Words to Dive into 2015


My theme for 2015 will be “DIVE”. I want to dive into a great year, personally, and professionally. After some reflection, I have chosen these 4 words to be my guiding principles:

DWELL – I want to dwell in HIS presence. Not to just check in consistently, but to meditate on my Lord’s mercy, grace, courage, integrity and tenderness. I also want to soak in each moment; inhaling the experience. I want to dwell in my relationships, filled with gratitude for the people I am in community with.

IGNITE – I want to kindle a flame within others to see their gifts and talents, and to use them to spread kindness. I want to spark people, through my words and actions, to challenge themselves to go beyond previous expectations.

VENTURE – I want to intentionally move into new arenas. I want to tackle new challenges, like completing the draft of my 2nd novel; completing new fitness challenges; and digging into new genres.

EMBODY – I want to be a living example (albeit a broken one) of the love, courage, patience, and grace found in our Creator. I want my life to be a song of gratitude. I want to cast light in this world.

Dwell. Ignite. Venture. Embody. These are the principles I have chosen to guide me through 2015. This is how I will DIVE into the year. My dive may not be pretty at times. The water might be rough, or frigid. I might even face plant into the water, but good or bad, it will be my new venture.

I’m ready to jump in!


7 thoughts on “Words to Dive into 2015

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  3. What a great word and I also love the acronym! My favorite is to dwell in His presence – I have a tendency to just check in too, especially when it is convenient for me. Can’t wait to see and share what this year brings.


  4. The picture you used is terrific!!! I LOVE it! What powerful and thoughtful words you’ve chosen. I’m looking forward to seeing how they guide your year. Thank you for always inspiring me with your thoughts here. Happy New Year!


  5. I want to print this out to remind me . . . what a great idea, and what powerful choices your making. I appreciate how you share your light with others – the good and the difficult. It’s honest. I appreciate you. Happy 2015!


  6. Greg,
    You’ve taken the OLW to a new level! I love the idea of an acronym! All of these ideas are inspiring. I think you already do all those things – can’t wait to see how you take them all further. Happy New Year!


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