Students Making their Mark through Blogging


Today our school celebrated International Dot Day, discussing how we are able to make our mark on the world, as well as what people have enriched our own lives through their words, ideas, and actions.

As we discussed the theme of Peter H. Reynold’s amazing book “The Dot”, kids brainstormed different ways to use their talents and passions to add value to the world around them. Many of the students cited how Vashti’s claims of “I can’t” resonated with not only their ability to draw, but also their ability to write.

That is a mindset we are determined to change. And we are using technology to help us change it.

In our classroom, we write daily. Often times we are playing with various strategies, purposes, and types of writing. While most of this writing isn’t meant for publishing, it still inspires us to have an authentic audience. We love to share our ideas, our wordplay, and our slice-of-life pieces with our peers, our friends, and our families. One of the technologies that allows us to share our writing is having a classroom blog on kidblog.

With kidblog, students have a place to not only record their musings, but also to share their unique voice with others. While our district has limitations on making this a purely public site for viewing, students are still able to share their writing within circles that really matter to them.

Not only does blogging allow kids to flash publish pieces of their writing, but it provides a place to give and receive feedback on the writing of their school peers. Students can read how their friends responded to different writing opportunities, and see the creative insights of friends from other classrooms.

More than anything, blogging provides an opportunity for kids to see that they have a genuine voice in the world; and that their talents, perceptions, and ideas are able to be enjoyed by others.

When given a consistent platform for sharing their ideas, I am amazed how many students begin to see themselves as writers – as people with a genuine voice worthy to shout to the world. As they continue to mature, I look forward to seeing and hearing how these voices to make a mark on the world in the years to come.

3 thoughts on “Students Making their Mark through Blogging

  1. I agree — every voice has value and it is a loss if the world isn’t able to hear it . . . I love how you impact your students in helping them to find and value their voices. You are doing important work, indeed! #compelledtribe


  2. “I am amazed how many students begin to see themselves as writers – as people with a genuine voice worthy to shout to the world.”
    That’s the important point: not that they see themselves as writers, but that they learn the value of their voice.


    • I love that you highlighted this quote, Greg S. There is such value in a young person recognizing early on that each person adds value and their voice is important.

      If your students would care to share their work, Greg A, I would love to read and comment!



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