I Wanna Be Like Mike


Heroes motivate us
calling us higher
inspiring us
to take new challenges
to believe
in a better version of ourselves
to think,
Why not me?
I got this!

When I was younger,
I used to look to the media
for heroes
to hollywood
or sports

I wanted to be like Mike
To be fiercely competitive
to constantly improve myself
to be a clutch performer
when the odds were against me
or the clock was winding down.

As I get older
I look to lesser names
for motivation to see
a better rendition of me
people not typically known
by the media
Everyday people
that you and I run across
lesser names,
but not lesser heroes.

I ran across one
at the track last week
Or he ran across me.


He was not running
with the fastest group
Nor the slowest
If you call what he was doing
even running
Mike was trudging
It looked painful.
There was no real rhythm.
His hips were locked
his legs stiffly
propelling him forward.

But he was ever smiling
Never complaining.
Encouraging runners on.
Asking if others were okay.

It was obvious
from talking to him
that in addition to his limited mobility
his speech and hearing were impaired
I could barely understand him
at least not his words.
But I understood his smile.
I understood his determination.
His grit resonated with me
And his stamina inspired me.

He told me about his running
the two ultra-marathons
every month
And in him I saw
a better me
His eyes answered
Why not me?
I got this!

I wanna be like Mike.

3 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Like Mike

  1. This is so wonderful! We can be inspired in so many different ways, we just have to be open to them. You were, and you will continue to ask, “Why not me?” Keep sharing and doing what you do!
    Thanks for joining the linky party on my blog!


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