Writing – An Act of Courage





Today was Day 1 of the online “Teachers Write” Summer writing workshop. The theme today was “You Come Too”. I participated with 1400+ other teachers from around the globe. There was instruction and modeling from published authors, and encouragements from other educators and authors.


But mostly, there was courage.


In reading the various writing posts from teachers around the world, I was reminded of the bravery required to write. And to share our writing. In sample after sample, teachers shared how petrified they were to write. They confessed nervousness, fear, and trembling – but yet, they wrote. And many chose to dare greatly by sharing their writing.


The workshop is FREE, completely voluntary, and educators participate (or not) as they choose. Some choose just to follow along, and not write. Others write, but don’t share. Still others, write, share, and spend time giving encouraging feedback to others teachers. It is your choice.


I hope you consider jumping in. I sent you the link in a previous email, or you can look up Kate Messener’s website / blog, and all the details will be on there.


I hope you come too.