To My 1st Grade Teacher

Dear Ms. Barrett,
Thank you for being a kind teacher. I remember how you made the the transition to school life a pleasant one. I remember first grade – the enormity of school. Being in a building with so many others, yet feeling alone. This is one of the first times I felt like an individual; someone on my own apart from my family. It was mostly intimidating – larger kids roaming the halls; other kids in the class who I didn’t know, and many adults to learn how to navigate wit or around. But you were a constant. You made me feel welcome. You made me feel smart, like I could eventually get this reading, writing and math stuff. In fact, you took what was scary, and made it fun.

You gave me confidence.

In fact, you gave me so much, and I didn’t realize it until I was much older. Like most kids, I was naturally egocentric, so I other than my smiles and hugs, I’m not sure that I communicated how much I appreciated you. And living in my own world, I lost track of you. I moved cities, got a career, started a family, and sent my kids off to school. I’m lucky that they had great teachers – women and men who poured out their hearts and talents to bless my children, while often not hearing how deeply appreciated they are. So I just wanted to stop for a moment and say thank you.

When a sculptor completes a work, they alone realize it wasn’t the final stroke that produced the masterpiece, but every thankless stroke that came before it. Thank you for being a sculptor in my life. You are an artist, and I hope that I am able to shine some of your light and love in order to bless those who come after me, as you have done for me.

Forever grateful,

Your student.