Moving on to High School

Dear Friend,

You are just a few months from completing your long trek through elementary & middle schhol. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Celebrate! Finish strong!

Just know there is another tunnel to enter.

You will barely put your graduation gown away when it will be time to enter the doors of high school. Everything will be new again. Especially you. You will be the newbie. The freshmen. Low man or woman on the totem pole. Four more years of tunneling.
In the upcoming months, you have time to consider how you will enter that tunnel. You have time to reflect on how you felt walking the halls the past few years. Mostly, how did you feel about yourself? What were your strengths? What are the areas you’d like to shore up? Because really that is all you can control – yourself. Take inventory, and celebrate the uniqueness of you. Once you walk through those doors, you’ll have to rely on that, because if you let your self-concept come from others, you’ll be thirsty in that tunnel.
So go ahead, look in the mirror. Sure, you will see blemishes. Our eyes naturally pick those up. But look deeper. Notice the drive inside you. Take note of the strength that you have. Look at the growth you experienced when life ran up against you. You will knocked down, but got back up. and were wiser for it. You’ve got some cuts and scrapes, and you’ve earned some character to go with it.

You’re not really new. The school just sees you that way. You’re well along on your own journey.

Enjoy the ride, and the person walking that road in your shoes.

Best wishes.