The Girl’s Shower

camp shower

This is a true story.  Saw it with my own eyes.  But hearing it live was better.  Way better!

So at the ranch where we stayed in Mexico there were these showers.  A little building that housed showers for boys on one side of the building, and showers for girls on the other side.  Since water is scarce, the rules were made clear.  You get three minutes to shower, every other day.  Use it wisely.  Strategically.

Well there were about 150 or so of us volunteers sharing the facility, and most of the day we were working, so the only time to shower was either very early in the morning (before 7am), or very late (after 9pm).  I had just returned from my morning run, all sweaty and smelling like a rose (wink), when I noticed a group of very clever college-aged girls head into the girls shower.  It was about 6am.  They made sure to get up early so they could beat the crowd.

They had just entered the showers, when I saw a blur racing across the grounds of the ranch.  A small laser beam of fur, streaking right for the shower.  It was the stray cat that had been spending most of the week perched on a lonely tree branch, high above one of our shacks. 

The reason it had spent most of the week clutching the elevated tree branch was the band of stray dogs that strutted around the ranch, terrorizing the little feline.  I knew these dogs well, for the first day at the ranch they tried the same intimidation tactics on me while I made my morning run.  Only I couldn’t climb a tree.  Luckily I ran with Luis, a former soccer pro, who still had some strong kick in his legs – at least enough to quiet the mutts and set the pecking order.  Runners above dogs.  Dogs above cats.

So the stray cat bolted right into the girls shower.

And the pack of dogs followed right behind.

The cacophony of screams that erupted from the showers provided me with a guilty pleasure.  I couldn’t run in and help, so all I could do was stand there and laugh.  A deep, hearty laugh, for the 30 or so seconds that the dogs barked, the cat screeched, and the girls screamed, shrieked, cried, howled and squealed louder than all the roosters in the vicinity. 

Pure hysteria.

Runners over dogs.  Dogs over cats.  Cats over shower-girls.

Made my day.